Images of Canada

This post was prompted by seeing a promotion for yet another gallery of Canadian photos that shows an extremely poor cross-section of the country. I figured that I could do better, and over the past few days, the tourism departments of most provinces and territories helped me get the range of images I was looking for (the Northwest Territories and Newfoundland & Labrador weren’t helpful, and I didn’t ask BC and the Yukon). There are “only” 4 photos for each provinces and territory – there’s no question that some could have used at least a dozen, but I had to pick a number that was workable.

This turned out to be a great educational project for me, too – there is so much out there to see!

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Images of Canada — 6 Comments

  1. One of my Facebook friends wished that I “would have done a little more proportional representation based on the area of each province or territory.” However, Nunavut is 369 times the size of PEI, and more than twice the size of BC. Ecosystem representation perhaps –

  2. A most interesting selection of photographs. Many thanks for your selection.

    Marie G.

  3. Returning to the website after an absence, and greeted by some of the most beautiful scenes of Canada , and some of the most beautiful in the world also.

    I have a Canadian pen pal who lives in Ontario, originally from Quebec, and she has visited many of the places you have shown, and has told me about them in the past, most especially PEI. We both had cancer at the same time and met in a cancer support forum back in 2005, and we have kept in touch ever since then. I have learned quite a lot about Canada from her, her home place in Quebec was a small town North Hatley.

    Always a pleasure reading your blog, Murray, best to you from Virginia,USA