Going Deep at the Britannia Mine Museum

It’s taken me a long time to write up my visit to this Vancouver-area mining museum back in April, but the article was finally posted on my ExploreBC blog this morning. Click on the screenshot below to read about the Britannia Mine Museum.

Britannia Mine Museum


Going Deep at the Britannia Mine Museum — 2 Comments

  1. Very interesting. I’ve been in a coal mine before …. that is NOT a job that I would ever like but you have to do things you don’t like sometimes to support yourself and your family.

  2. And sometimes its that sort of job that has the most impact on who you become. I’m glad I worked in the copper mine, even though I’d never do it again. That’s a common sort of comment by the men who came north for the golds rushes and who worked on the Alaska Highway – “glad I did it, but never again”.