Glaciers and Spawning Salmon

Last weekend, I took the opportunity to show Cathy and Bobbie some of the natural wonders that Monty and I have been enjoying while they’re at work, We first went high into the mountains to an alpine glacier, and then down to sea level to see thousands of spawning salmon at Skagway.

We stopped in Carcross for a few minutes, and while we were checking out the new tourist-retail complex, I heard that another of the historic cabins along the beach was being demolished. When I went for a look, though, it appears to be a ground-up restoration rather than a demolition.
Rebuilding at historic cabin in Carcross, Yukon
We headed up to the glacier in the Tracker, knowing that the clouds might be too low to even see it, but they were just at the right height to be dramatic without blocking our view except for a minute or so every now and then. It was threatening to rain as we walked the 10 minutes to the overlook at about 5,200 feet elevation, but only a few light drops fell.
Hiking to Paddy Peak, BC
The glacier may be even more dramatic in this sort of weather.
Glacier and glacial lake at Paddy Peak, BC
Hmmmm – what does Monty see/hear/smell that we haven’t sensed yet? Mountain goat? Dall sheep? Grizzly??? Nothing came into sight, and he soon went back to watching Bobbie hike down from our high vantage point to the lake shore.
Monty, a Yukon husky
Paddy Peak itself was often hidden by the ragged clouds.
Paddy Peak, BC
Perhaps because of the rain that had happened that morning, a lot of gravel and rocks were falling from the gravel-covered glacier face to the east. The sound was amazing, and we could have stayed there all day listening to it – it was like the glacier is a living, breathing spirit.
The glacier at Paddy Peak, BC
This is another spot where a video might give you a better idea of what the experience was really like. This one is 3 minutes long.
Low clouds moved in while Bobbie was far below, and she disappeared for an uncomfortably long time. Monty seemed to still be able to hear her moving on the gravel and rocks, though. The photo makes it look like the ridge wasn’t a very pleasant place to be, but that’s actually not true – the overall experience was wonderful.
Above the glacier at Paddy Peak, BC
Fall colours are just starting to get good in the high country – it will be another couple of weeks before they’re really good.
Fall colours at Paddy Peak, BC
We originally had Skagway as a backup plan in case the weather shut us out of the high country, but decided to go down for a late lunch and to see the spawning salmon in Pullen Creek anyway. We arrived at the creek to find these cruise ship crew members harassing salmon right in front of a sign saying not to touch them. Bobbie and I both pointed out to them that what they were doing is illegal and carries a stiff fine.
Tourists harrassing spawning salmon at Skagway
Monty, as always, just wanted to watch the salmon, seemingly trying to figure out what they were doing.
Monty studying spawning salmon at Skagway, Alaska


Glaciers and Spawning Salmon — 6 Comments

  1. Wow, jackass of the month award for sure.

    You’re a better person than I am Murray I would probably have just put a boot on that guy’s backend, then he would have gotten his up-close experience with the salmon!

  2. Another great expedition. I loved the dramatic photos of the glacier and Paddy’s Peak and of Monty listening for … something…. I’m glad no Grizzly made an appearance, anyway.

  3. Great pics! The rugged glacier pictures are fantastic! When we were in Golden, BC a few weeks ago we were hoping to once again see salmon spawning in the Kicking Horse River and in Canyon Creek just south of Golden. When we got to the spot there were no salmon, but we ran into a resident who said they were late this year and she has been checking the creek every day for the salmon, but no luck. She also warned us that the bears have come down from the mountains looking for a meal and are hanging impatiently around the area. She advised us to be careful. Great advice from the locals! Love the photo of Monty watching them!

  4. I made those signs and put them up. Pretty disheartened to see someone grabbing the salmon right in front of one.