From Dawson City to Whitehorse

My 15-day Road Scholar tour around the Yukon and Alaska has been over for 3 days now, but I want to catch up for those of you who were following along.

We began Monday morning with a drive up the Midnight Dome, elevation 2,911 feet, or 1,860 feet above Dawson City. The morning light is always the best up there – as well as this view up the Yukon River, you can also see for many miles down the river.

Dawson City, Yukon

Most of the group went on the full tour through Dredge #4 at the end of our city-and-goldfields tour. It’s very sad that due to Parks Canada budget cuts, this is the last year that she’ll be open to the public.

Dredge #4 - Dawson City, Yukon

The “yarnbombing” event going on in Whitehorse has spread much wider – even the prospector on the dyke at Dawson got a vest 🙂

yarnbombing at Dawson City, Yukon

On Tuesday we headed back to Whitehorse. As there’s no reliable place to get lunch halfway between Dawson and Whitehorse, I had the hotel pack us sandwiches, and stopped at Minto Landing on the Yukon River for our picnic.

Minto Landing, Yukon

There’s a private ferry at Minto, operated by the Minto copper mine. While we were there, the ferry brought a pickup across.

Ferry at Minto Landing, Yukon

A stop was made at Five Finger Rapids, one of the danger points for the early steamboats. I wonder who got paid to proof-read the text of that sign before hundreds of dollars were spent creating it.

Five Finger Rapids, Yukon

For the past couple of days, I’d been successfully fighting the nasty cold that was going through the bus. I got the bus cleaned up on Wednesday morning, went to the airport to see a few of the group off, then went home and collapsed into bed. It’s now Saturday morning and this is the first time I’ve been out of bed for more than 2 hours since then.

That was my last tour. Many people who know me well don’t believe it, but it really is. It’s going to take me a while to wind down the many other projects I have going, but I now consider myself retired. On October 5th, Cathy and I are off on a dream trip to Europe to celebrate our life together.


From Dawson City to Whitehorse — 9 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear you are retiring as I have enjoyed reading your blogs. We were fortunate enough to be with you in 2010 on the Radiance for 14 day with your dad and enjoyed all the lectures you gave. Enjoy your retirement. We just got back from Alaska again and will be making another trip soon. We have enjoyed these driving trips you have taken and decided to do that the next time we come. Thanks for all the hints you have given us.

    • Thanks, Connie, and I’m pleased to hear that you’ve become a repeat visitor. My blogs may actually get even more interesting now, as instead of doing very similar trips over and over, Cathy and I will be traveling off the beaten path, often by motorhome.

  2. I, too, am doing one last project. Retirement looks wonderful. Bob and I will start knocking things off our bucket list starting in November. The very best of luck, love and happiness to you and Cathy!

  3. You seem to have had great weather for this last trip of yours……will it really be your last ? Who knows……I simply hope we can all continue to read you on your blog and you continue to show us the beautiful scenery of the Yukon and up there….north ! I’ll be planning my next trip soon and will certainly need a few hints of how, when and where so I’ll definetively stay in touch.
    Enjoy your trip to Europe……..

  4. HI Murray, as an expatriate Yukonner, I’ve enjoyed your trips and blogs even if they were repeats. Your enthusiasm for the north shines through in your writings. Your side trips and adventures with your family in tow were even more interesting and I hope you keep it up. Best wishes for you and Kathy.

  5. Thank you so much for your writing and photography. You do not know what you have done for me. I am a recent widow. My husband and I have taken 2 trips to Alaska and really enjoyed it. I now connect on the internet and your blog has become a wonder to me. I hope you enjoy retirement, go where you want to with whom you want. Love every minute of it! I will be looking for your reports, but will understand when you do not.

  6. Retirement is wonderful, but your traveling adventures will continue. I’ve enjoyed the repeats, because there was/is always something different to see and learn. Our trip next year will also be a driving trip. Thank you for the pictures and education you have passed on..

  7. Retirement! From a working life, but definitely not from your life as an explorer, historian, traveller, documenter (is that a word?) and blogger, I am sure. Will you still blog as ‘ExploreNorth’? – I hope so! I love your photos and comments and concur with Rejeana about the “education you have passed on”.
    As I write, my ‘other half’ at work will be somewhere around Juneau, then Glacier Bay on the “Dawn Princess” and I am looking forward to hearing all about that. Son & family will be at Skagway (“Zuiderdam”) Tues. 18th and we just wish we were in your neck of the woods ourselves!
    Very best wishes for this big life-change and many thanks for all we’ve enjoyed vicariously through you so far. Looking forward to some great blogs from Europe!