Fort Nelson, BC to Fort Simpson, NWT

This is going to be a brief post – at least brief text because I have to be going shortly to catch a plane to Virginia Falls.

This photo shows you why I stayed at the Blue Bell in Fort Nelson – can’t get much more convenient than that for unloading and re-loading the bike!

Looking back down the Liard Highway towards the Alaska Highway.

Looking north at Km 30 of BC Hwy 77.

A 1-lane Bailey bridge across the Fort Nelson River.

Construction of a new gas pipeline. Whitehorse may be a boom town, but the amount of money changing hands in this country is incredible.

A pond along the Liard Highway.

Liard Highway

This quarry allowed a good look at the sort of rock formations that exist where natural gas is found.

Quarry on the Liard Highway

The Petitot River Bridge.

Petitot River Bridge, Liard Highway

Welcome to the Northwest Territories!

Welcome to the Northwest Territories- Liard Highway

I occasionally hit 80kmh but not often! I certainly did see bison, though 🙂

The view north at NWT Km 12 (BC and the NWT use separate milepost numbering).

Km 12, Liard Highway, NWT

When a load like this comes along, all you can do is move over as far as possible, stop and wait for the air to clear. I met 3 of these over about an hour.

Dust on the Liard Highway, NWT

Looking north at Km 33.

The side road to Fort Liard for fuel and lunch.

The somewhat clear water of the Petitot River mixes with the muddy water of the Liard River at Fort Liard.

A large motel and one of 2 stores at Fort Liard.

Large poplars at the Fort Liard cemetery.

The gravel near the Netla River was so deep and loose it was unsafe at any speed on a bike. I actually stopped to see if I was getting a flat tire!

The access to the winter ice road to the community of Nahanni Butte.

The Blackstone River.

The Poplar River.

The Poplar River Bridge, another 1-lane “singing bridge”.

Back on pavement!

The ferry MC Lafferty took me across the Liard River.

The Liard River from the ferry.

I had a heck of a time finding a room in Fort Simpson. I finally took the last room at the Nahanni Inn, at $150 plus $7.50 tax.


Fort Nelson, BC to Fort Simpson, NWT — 3 Comments

  1. Murray… Love your pics of Hwy-77 in BC and Hwy-7 in NT. We are planning a motorcycle ride that way in July, 2013. Are there any places to purchase gasoline along Hwy-77 in BC? We do not do unpaved roads so we expect to ride to the NT boarder and turn around to head back to Fort Nelson for the night. I am assuming that Hwy-77 IS paved and that Hwy-7 IS NOT paved. Looking forward to hearing from you about the gasoline on Hwy-77. Thanks, in advance.

  2. Hi David. You’re correct that Hwy-77 IS paved and that Hwy-7 IS NOT paved. Depending on the recent weather, the unpaved can vary from almost-pavement-hard to soft-and-nasty. There is no fuel available on Hwy 77 – the first northbound is at Fort Liard.