Flying from Whitehorse Back to Phoenix

I’m in a campground at Idaho Falls, Idaho, as I write this, halfway through an Adventure that truly has me overwhelmed. There will probably not be an update until I get home, as I’m speed-touring a 3,200-mile route home with my new motorhome. I’m dying to tell you about flightseeing over the Grand Canyon, and hiking into Bryce Canyon, but first, Day 1, the drive and flights to Phoenix on Thursday. I enjoyed the last trip through Skagway so much that I decided to take that route again.

The Venus mill along Windy Arm is a great site to say “goodbye” to the Yukon with.
Venus silver mine, Yukon
At 09:50 a.m. (10 minutes early), the Wings of Alaska Cessna 207 was airborne from Skagway and within a few minutes we were over the most dramatic part of Taiya Inlet.
Dramatic coastline along Taiya Inlet, Alaska
I’d sure like to have a closer look at this shipwreck I spotted north of Haines in Taiyasanka Harbor – but it’s boat access only.
Shipwreck in Taiyasanka Harbor, Alaska
Fort William H. Seward at Haines is a great photo subject from the air or the ground.
Fort William H. Seward, Alaska
The Davidson Glacier. I sat on the opposite side of the plane to what I had that last trip, offering quite a different view.
Davidson Glacier, Alaska
The people on the large Allen Marine whalewatching boat at center left got very lucky just a second before I took this shot, when a humpback whale surfaced right beside the boat.
Whale watching boats at Juneau, Alaska
Landing at Juneau at 10:30.
Landing at the Juneau airport
The 3 hour stop in Juneau really dragged – I wanted to get to Phoenix! But I killed time by looking more closely at some of the aviation history displays…
… and, of course, watching airplanes. I hadn’t seen a Boeing 737 combi in a very long time. Carrying freight forward and passengers aft, this one had arrived from Petersburg and was now headed for Wrangell.
Boeing 737 combi
We were over a cloud layer for most of the flight to Seattle, and this shot along Vancouver Island was one of the few I got.
A look at the coast of BC from 37,000 feet
The Olympic Peninsula, with the sandbars of Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge at the lower right.
Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge from 37,000 feet
A lot of frozen fish came off our flight in Seattle – great souvenirs for some lucky tourists.
Frozen fish coming off an Alaska Airlines flight in Seattle
We started taxiing for the flight to Phoenix just before 6:00 pm. I love the Alaska Airlines regionals that have been painted in college football colours.
Mount St. Helens.
Mount St. Helens
We flew directly over the incredibly destructive wildfires burning in eastern Washington.
At 10:00, I got to my room at the Aloft Phoenix Airport Hotel. I went to the lounge for one beer, and then crashed, pumped to get the real adventure started. I had an appointment at 08:00 Friday to get the keys to my new rig 🙂
Aloft Phoenix Airport Hotel


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  1. Good to see that particular chapter has opened for you in good fashion…not getting the MPG from the motorhome that you are from the bike or the Caddie, but it is also a new world of opportunities as well. Bike trailer is next on the shopping list? Enjoy.

  2. Anxious to hear what you picked up. We will be looking for a 5th wheel in a year or so but haven’t decided on whether or not I want to carry a bike.