A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear

How could anyone not have heard the phrase “A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear”? It’s not tough to figure out what it means – bears that get used to being fed by humans very often end up being killed. Yet some people just don’t get it.

Two days ago, Jeff Bingham posted this photo and story on his Facebook page and asked that it be shared – I’m happy to do exactly that.
A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear

This happened today near the north gate of Banff National Park on Highway 11. I had been scouting bears all day, when we came across a couple of cars pulled off the road – in this area that usually means bears. What I couldn’t believe was the couple in this truck feeding this bear, which was on the passenger side at the time. They were throwing out weiners and pepperoni sticks, bread, etc. The bear was happy to eat it up. Confronting people is not the answer, so I found a Parks Canada person, and reported it. Another man was taking a video of the scene and honked at this young couple as he drove off. After I told the Parks Canada staffer about the bear with a green ear tag, he lowered his head and said” this bear was just starting to do better” the green tag means its a pervious offender and now will likely be destroyed.



That’s an Alberta license plate on the truck, BGF-9543. Several thousand people have already shared this story, and I hope the people in the truck get charged.


A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear — 3 Comments

  1. It sickens me how irresponsible people can be, sadly they can only think of themselves and don’t appear to care of the consequences.

  2. Jeff posted an update: “Well, I’m very overwhelmed, we got over 11,600 shares on the story.
    Fish and Wildlife went out today and removed this Bear from the area. I don’t know yet what its fate will be. They have promised me that I will be kept in the loop as to what will happen to it. They ran the plates on the truck, contacted the young couple in question and had a discussion with them that resulted in a warning, but no charges or fine at this time. Hopefully this will send the message to them.”