Fallen Soldiers – We Do Care

I tend to ignore events Outside because I can’t deal with the atrocities that are happening in my country and around the world. Today in eastern Canada, insensitivity is added to atrocity. At 6:20 this morning, the bodies of 4 soldiers killed in Afghanistan on Saturday arrived at CFB Trenton in Ontario. Lieut. William Turner, Cpl. Matthew Dinning, Bombardier Myles Mansell and Cpl. Randy Payne were killed by a roadside bomb. The media has been kept away, and the government has not lowered our flags to half-mast to honour them. I think this is appalling. Canada.com stated this morning that: “It was the first such event deemed out of bounds to reporters since the Afghan mission began four years ago. Some accused Mr. Harper of imitating U.S.-style tactics, where images of returning war casualties have been banned as the Bush administration attempts to control their damaging effect on public opinion.” Sixteen Canadians have died in Afghanistan since 2002 (including 4 killed by an American bomb that was dropped on them) – that’s 16 too many.

Addition: at almost midnight Ottawa time, I received a reply from my Member of Parliament (Larry Bagnell) about this:
Thank you for your views on these issues, to go along with a number of others I have had from Yukoners, with varying perspectives on the situation. Some of the feedback that I received was the same as yours.
The day these issues arose, our Party raised them a number of times in Parliament, but the government would not review the situation.
Thank you again for adding your heartfelt feedback to that I have received from other Yukoners.

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