ExploreNorth is Finally More Mobile Friendly

Web site builders get constantly inundated with information about how to make their sites/blogs more user-friendly. Much of it is the fad-of-the-month, however, and often the really useful information is buried in an enormous amount of fluff.

I have actually discovered that the old idea of having links open in a new window doesn’t work with most mobile devices, though, so all links on ExploreNorth have now had the new-window coding removed (8,050 of them). In the next day or so all the other Web sites in my network will also have that coding removed.


ExploreNorth is Finally More Mobile Friendly — 1 Comment

  1. Love your blog and so interesting. The most farther point I have traveled was N. Canada. Keep posting for those of us who love to imagine living in this beautiful part of our world.