Enough with Working – Back into the Mountains!

After 3 days of clearing snow at the house and cabin, I needed a break on Wednesday, and I’d offered to give a visitor from France a ride to Skagway in any case.

I picked Louise up at the Lead Dog Inn in town. I’d had a look at the reviews of the hostel at TripAdvisor, and wow!. Some loved it and some hated it, but there are a couple of very bad reviews, so I was curious as to what Louise thought. She had no real opinion, though – it was “okay”, and what she expected. She had just come up to Whitehorse to see what a Yukon winter felt like, and was disappointed – no deep cold, nothing of note at all 🙁

The weather forecast was for some cloud and some sun but it was quite dreary all the way to Skagway – flat light that resulted in no photo stops. I took Louise to the ferry terminal to check in, then we went for lunch before I took her back to wait for the boat. I had to be back in Whitehorse for a 4:00 meeting, so I didn’t do any wandering either.

There were 4 rebuilt ballast cars for the WP&YR back on the dock, so I stopped to get a few photos of them for my friends at the White Pass & Yukon Route Fan List. The sun finally started to make an appearance as I was taking these photos.

WP&YR ballast cars
I was on my way north again just before 12:30 Yukon time. The pass got 5-6 inches of fresh snow overnight, so everything was particularly attractive. This was shot at Mile 3.5.

Dramatic mountains at Mile 3.5 of the South Klondike Highway
Incredible country.

Dramatic mountains at Skagway, Alaska
The peaks above Goat Lake. I need to hike up to the lake again – it’s been 20 years or so now.

The peaks above Goat Lake, Alaska
It will be interesting to see what the engineers studying replacement of the William Moore Bridge the past couple of summers have come up with.

William Moore Bridge - Skagway, Alaska
It’s tough being a tree up here – growth is so slow, a 6-foot-high tree can be over a hundred years old.

Trees in the White Pass, Alaska
Nearing the summit of the White Pass – the highway can be seen along the upper right of the photo.

White Pass, Alaska
Boundary Falls now, and last September.

Boundary Falls, BC

International Border Falls, BC
Looking back to the south from the border. I posted this photo on my Facebook page that evening, with the comment: “If I ever get bored of the drive to Skagway, please start shoveling dirt on me.”

The BC/Alaska border north of Skagway in the winter
The sunshine didn’t last very long, but it was great to have it through the pass.

Winter in the White Pass
Summit Lake.

Seen at the Fraser Canada Customs post – an artifact of Cold War communications? 🙂

An artifact of Cold War communications at Fraser, BC
The new Canada/Yukon agreement to maintain the parking lot at Log Cabin isn’t working. Until yesterday, I don’t remember the last time I saw it completely inaccessible.

Highway crews hard at work along Tutshi Lake.

Snow clearing along Tutshi Lake, BC
The more often I shoot this location on Dail Peak, the more I’m impressed by it. I wonder how high I could get?

Dail Peak, Yukon
While I was in Skagway, I went to the post office to pick up a couple of new additions to my library, some reference material for a future bucket-list trip, and a fine copy of the 1906 Geographic Dictionary of Alaska, one of the cornerstone books for any Alaska historical library. In the book is a very good section on Alaska explorers, many that few people have ever heard of, that I posted at ExploreNorth a few years ago.

1906 Geographic Dictionary of Alaska

Now, back to real work – I’ve got another couple of busy days ahead. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this drive with me again.

I noticed this morning that the number of spam attempts on the blog has been increasing dramatically recently. In the past 4 hours, there have been 57 – as well as 2,717 since January 24th and over 217,000 in total! Thanks, Akismet, for protecting my blog! 🙂


Enough with Working – Back into the Mountains! — 2 Comments

  1. Mr Lunberg
    I am playing catchup with your blog, some of the comments I will make go way back in Jan., but it is always an inspiration to read your postings , its something I look forward to.

    First, the picture of your cabin at Carcross you posted with the webcam explanation brought back many memories of me watching that webcam and thinking you lived in the most beautiful place in the world, along with your walks along Lake Bennett. Thank you for posting that photo, I am sure you looked at Caribou Mountain while shoveling snow….

    Second, thanks for being special to Kayla and Monty, as they age, I have 2 Siberians that are 15 yrs, and like you, every day is a blessing with them. For Huskies, 12-16 years is not common, however Alaska and Queenie , my elderly huskies, still are energetic and love going for walks. Your Everything Husky site, is originally what brought me to your world to begin with.

    And last , hope you get your wish for a motor home, and goodbye and best wishes from a fan in Virginia. Do appreciate your sledding coverage too, as I am a sledding/mushing fan. Recently a friends husky passed away, the husky was from Alaska, and he was my hero….long story, but I got the radio station in Talkeetna to play Hobo Jim’s “Wild and Free” in memory of him. I love that song and it said everything true about my friends husky and my friend too.

  2. As always thank you for the beautiful pictures. The picture of Summit Pass where you mentioned the road on the upper right, I kept looking saying where is that road and when I noticed it, I thought that must be one scary but absolutely beautiful drive!