Enjoying the Sunshine and Seashore – and Steam – in Skagway

My plan on Monday was to meet the tour group that I worked with in Whitehorse when they got off their ship in Skagway. Well, somehow we missed each other, but the fur-kids and I had a great day in the sunshine anyway.

We were away from the house just after 06:00 to give a bit of free time (ie photo stops 🙂 ) and still be in Skagway by 08:30. The sky was incredibly clear, and Summit Lake was lit up beautifully.
Summit Lake, on the BC-Alaska border
The peaks beyond Summit Lake don’t often stand out like this.
Glacier-studded peaks along the BC-Alaska border
I’m getting really hungry to get back into the high country, but temperatures are staying quite low and the snow is melting very slowly.
William Moore Creek, Alaska
The dogs and I spent about 40 minutes at the Railroad Dock, met a lot of people, but missed my group. Back at the WP&YR station, though, I was thrilled to see steam engine #73 just heading out of town, particularly when I saw that my long-time friend (and former Carcross neighbour) Brian was the engineer. Poor little Bella was much less pleased to see/hear it!
WP&YR steam locomotive at Skagway
I couldn’t resist driving back up the pass a ways to see more of steam – just far enough so I wouldn’t have to go through Customs again getting back to Skagway. The train has just passed Rocky Point in this photo.
WP&YR steam locomotive at  Rocky Point
It’s even more impressive when the engineer pours the coal to it (oil, actually) to climb a steeper grade.
WP&YR steam locomotive climbing the White Pass
It was low tide, and I decided that the beach at Yakutania Point would be a great place to place with the dogs. I got distracted a bit by the airport, and chatting to some visitors who were on the Rhapsody of the Seas.
Skagway Airport
The view down Taiya Inlet at the mouth of the Skagway River.
Taiya Inlet from the mouth of the Skagway River
The kids had a ball playing in the soft sand!
Huskies playing on the beach at Skagway, Alaska
And Bella loves water!
Husky puppy laying on the beach at Skagway, Alaska
Monty enjoying a calm moment 🙂
My husky, Monty, on the beach at Skagway, Alaska
Another new experience for Bella – the wonderful sights and smells of the intertidal zone.
Huskies exploring the intertidal zone at Skagway, Alaska
Although we had the beach to ourselves, the rounded granite of Yakutania Point above the beach was a popular spot. I could hear by their voices that some of the folks were enjoying watching the dogs playing.
Yakutania Point, Skagway, Alaska
What an amazing day to be flying – this plane was just doing the scheduled Wings of Alaska flight from Skagway to Juneau.
Airplane leaving Skagway, Alaska
With the dogs well played out, I went back to the Railroad Dock to meet an old friend, and to get a shot of the beautiful little, ultra-luxury, Silver Shadow, which comes to Skagway every Monday this season.

It was a very short day, as I have a lot of work to do at home. By 11:15 Yukon time, we were on our way – both dogs slept all the way home. Despite missing my meeting, this day, short as it was, was a 10.


Enjoying the Sunshine and Seashore – and Steam – in Skagway — 6 Comments

  1. Beautiful shots! The ones of the steam train you took near the border are fantastic! They almost don’t look real! Love your pups, they are quite a pair!

  2. I love this post – all the photos are wonderful and I wish we were there. The steam train just past Rocky Point (I remember that bit from our WPYR day, 5 yrs. ago now – that train trip was amazing, an unforgettable highlight) transports me right back there. I think the first two photographs, of Summit Lake and the Peaks beyond, are some of the most beautiful I have seen; if animals could upstage the scenery, the dogs are certainly doing that. I am catching up with all your posts at the moment and am looking forward to re-living happy memories of our visits to those Alaskan ports for which you are writing guides. We have just had our Winter Solstice (my birthday) but even though we are not 100% happy with our Winter weather, you would just laugh – it is so different to yours! However, I think your Summer looks to be in great shape and I know you will enjoy every moment!

    Best Regards,
    Marie G.

  3. While you were shooting those great pics I was on the Chilcoot trail. Your account of the hike was more helpful than any other resource in planning that trip. Always fun to find other cool stuff here, like the pony bus brochure.

  4. I have almost the exact shot of Summit Lake. That is a beautiful drive to Skagway…I hope to be able to do it again one of these days.

    When I was driving it and stopped at the Canadian customs place the guy looked in and saw my GPS and chuckled and said: “There is only one road”. I said I knew that but had some waterfalls marked on it and didn’t want to take a chance of missing them. 🙂