Easy to Amuse Day

Like most of you, I see a LOT of ads over the course of the average week. Some are creative (the Dove aging series), some are cute (”Mommy, what does “spoiled” mean?”), some are stupid (the guy acting like a cat) and some are memorable for other reasons. There’s only a month to go in the NASCAR race series, but this morning I saw one that has just amused the heck out of me. At Fan1st.com, members get a chance to win a piece of wreckage from that week’s race. You can also get exclusive text messages from drivers and crew during the race – which keeps bringing up this mental picture of Dave Blaney or Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon hanging upside-down in their harness, texting the Fan1st members – “Hooooweee BOY that was wild!” Okay, I need to get out more 🙂 BUT, wouldn’t I have liked to have a piece of tin like that in my garage back when I was drag-racing a heavily-modified ‘69 SS/rs Camaro at Mission Raceway in southern BC!

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