Happy Record-Breaking Easter Weekend

What a day this was! Although I haven’t heard official confirmation, my guess is that we broke the all-time high temperature record for this date today, and by Monday night the entire weekend will set a record.(Update: we missed the record by 1.1 degree) The record high was in 1966 at 9.4°C (48.9°F), while the record low was -25.6°C (+14°F) in 1952.

Weather forecast for Whitehorse, Yukon

I was surprised to hear this morning that Easter isn’t a holiday in most of the United States. In Canada, Good Friday (today) is a statutory holiday and Easter Monday is a holiday by many union contracts.

This afternoon, I took the longest ride on my motorcycle yet this season, to Carcross and back. It would have been much longer except for all the projects I have on the go. I didn’t even wash it before I headed out! *gasp!*

The Carcross Desert

It’s even warm enough now to try some very-early-season gardening! 🙂

Daffodils in a Yukon Spring

Whether your Easter weekend is 2 days, 3 days or 4 days long, I hope that you have a wonderful one!


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  1. I bet you know a thing or two about riding gear….You must have some exquisite rides where you are. I hope you enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend, too!