Early Yukon Motoring – and other stuff…

With the weather not very conducive to Adventures lately, the vast majority of my time is being spent on house renovations. But History is always part of my life, and I’ve spent a bit of time going through my files of old newspaper articles. A couple that caught my eye have been transcribed and interpreted this past few days, and have now been posted on ExploreNorth.

Auto Fails on Yukon Road” describes the attempt in the Fall of 1911 to drive a 1910 Abbott-Detroit touring car from Skagway to Dawson City. Although they only made it to Carmacks, driving the car on the railway grade all the way from Skagway to Carcross is notable.
Auto Fails on Yukon Road, 1911
Crack New Car Brought to Dawson” describes the arrival of the first Cadillac, an 8-cylinder, 7-passenger touring model, in the Yukon Territory, in the summer of 1915.
Cadillac brought to Dawson City, 1915

Following a request for information from a fellow in southern B.C. who’s building a 7-foot-long model of the SS Klondike, I’ve also added several more photos to my SS Klondike Photo Album that he can use to scale some features properly.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, work continues on the basement. As soon as I post this blog, I’ll be painting the bathroom walls and grouting the new shower. Then a trip to town for new baseboards, and that job will be substantially complete.
Bathroon renovations


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  1. Just wanted to shout out at you from Biloxi Mississippi and say Happy Holidays and don’t work to hard…stay warm!!!

    • Thanks, John – I hope that you have a great holiday, too. Whitehorse was the warmest place in Canada yesterday – Mother Nature knows how to play good jokes sometimes!

  2. Just go back from a few days in Juno Beach celebrating my 60th, got quite a tan going. Hard to believe it’s so hot here and so cold in other places. Enjoy the holidays, you sure do keep yourself busy!