Driving Down to Fall

I decided on Wednesday that the weather forecast was good enough to drive to another season for the day – I’ve already had enough of Winter, and it was a fairly safe bet that Fall was only a couple of hours away.

The cloud bank and morning light produced a nice effect on Montana Mountain at Carcross. I popped in to our cabin for a few minutes but the incredible mess my next-door neighbour is making raised my blood pressure too far and I continued on.

Montana Mountain - Carcross, Yukon

A dramatic peak like that (north of Log Cabin) must have a name but I don’t know what it is. It should be on topo 104 M/14 but that’s one of the few maps I don’t have.

Snowy Peaks at Log Cabin, BC

I spent a while playing with waterfalls in the White Pass – it is soooo nice to once again have a camera that will create this sort of image!

A small waterfall in the White Pass

Fall colours on Broadway in Skagway. The wind was strong and bitterly cold, though, so the leaves won’t be there for much longer.

Fall on Broadway - Skagway, Alaska

One of the 2011 additions to the signature wall along the Railroad Dock.

Disney Wonder visits Skagway, Alaska

This sign on the dock amused me…

Safety Ladder - Use at Your Own Risk!

I spent a few minutes at the Pioneer Cemetery. When it’s crowded with people during cruise season, it’s not worth going to, IMHO.

Pioneer Cemetery - Skagway, Alaska

A line of the WP&YR’s GE locomotives at rest at Shops.

The White Pass & Yukon Route railway at rest

The falls at the top of William Moore Creek, climbing into the clouds in the White Pass.

William Moore Creek

One more stop when I met a line of MoW (Maintenance of Way) equipment at Ptarmigan Point. I’d taken enough photos along the rail line over the past 3 days that I posted another of my “White Pass & Yukon Route Today” pages at RailsNorth.

MoW (Maintenance of Way) equipment on the WP&YR rail line


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  1. I always enjoy your photos. It is nice to see a few photos from the fall season. Look forward to more pics. Thank you.