Driving from Campbell River to Telegraph Cove

After finishing our too-short look around Campbell River on the morning of Day 22 (May 17), we drove north on the Island Highway (BC Highway 19), with no overnight destination in mind. Late in the day, we decided that Telegraph Cove would be perfect – and it was.

The drive from Campbell River to Telegraph Cove is very easy – 203 km (126 mi) on generally good roads. Click on the map to open an interactive version in a new window,

Map - Campbell River to Telegraph Cove
We pulled away from the RV park at about 11:30, and a few minutes later stopped at the Seymour Narrows “viewpoint”. The information panel describes Ripple Rock, the navigation hazard in the Narrows that I’ve mentioned before.

Seymour Narrows viewpoint
Highway 19 is a really pretty drive, but you’re hemmed in by trees much of the time. Occasional views of snowy mountains are both a treat and a surprise (I hadn’t expected this much snow to still be on the mountains, often quite low). The further north you go, the more logging you see on the slopes.

BC Highway 19
Just before 1:00, the Eve River Rest Area beckoned us to stop for lunch. A picnic table on a grassy area well off the highway was just what we needed.

Eve River Rest Area on BC Highway 19
A short trail leads down to the Eve River, which, judging by the erosion damage, has seen some pretty serious flooding not too long ago.

Eve River Rest Area on BC Highway 19
Tucker was both very curious and very nervous about what was living in that hole 🙂

My little dog Tucker explores a hole
At 3:00 we reached the Telegraph Cove Road, and made the decision to make the drive (about 20 km), with only the vaguest idea of what was there.

Telegraph Cove Road
The Telegraph Cove Road is rather rough for a paved road, and with constant curves and some steep sections, it’s a slow drive.

Telegraph Cove Road
This dry-land log sort at Beaver Cove, just a couple of k from Telegraph Cove, was very interesting. I’ve never seen one that was complete right from railway to booming grounds, and I’d be back for a better look.

Dry-land log sort at Beaver Cove
By 3:30 we were set up in the nearly-empty Telegraph Cove RV Park. The sign on the office said that an attendant would be around to collect an unspecified fee either that evening or the next morning.

Telegraph Cove RV Park
One of the many joys of early-season RV travel – empty campgrounds!

Telegraph Cove RV Park
We went for a walk to see Telegraph Cove proper. I’ll tell you about our wanderings over the next 20 hours or so in the next post.

Telegraph Cove, BC


Driving from Campbell River to Telegraph Cove — 5 Comments

  1. I’m interested to see what you think about Telegraph Cove. I’ve been there a few times, but only off-season, so it was always completely deserted. One visit in April, after a 2 or 3 inch snowfall, which turned the area absolutely stunning, the only people in the place were the two employees at the store; they told me I was the first visitor in 2 days.
    I have heard it’s insanely busy during whale watching season.

  2. take the tour boat to see orca pods and look for them passing the harbor.
    Watch the dogs as we heard a guy say he just saw a mountain lion while we were there last year this time .

    • The orca haven’t arrived at Telegraph Cove yet. The whale tours started for the year on May 21 and they said that orca were unlikely yet. Cougar warnings, though, are posted everywhere, and the dogs are pretty much always leashed and I’m carrying bear spray on hiking trails.

  3. hi
    I had the front page bookmarked hoping to get more of your latest trip. Only figured out with your last TA post that it is on another page. So now I have lots of reading to do to catch up. (-: