About Dogs, and a Late Spring

It’s been over a month now since I’ve posted anything about what’s going on, so here’s a bit of catching up.

Our new puppy, Bella, has been the focus of my life the past few weeks. I seldom look at her without smiling – it’s hard to believe what joy she’s brought to our family. The south-facing slopes have been bare of snow for a while now, so we’ve had at least a hint of Spring even with below-freezing temperatures. This was shot overlooking the Yukon River on March 25th.
Huskies playing above the Yukon River
Most trails, though, are still snow-covered. On April 4th I got Monty and Bella out to play with a friend’s little Siberian, Halo, on the Valerie Lake trail between home and Whitehorse.
Huskies playing in the snow in the Yukon
It’s been wonderful watching Bella experience things for the first time – on April 6th, it was her first puddle. She ran back and forth through it, over and over and over, and in this photo I think was trying to figure out her reflection.
A husky puppy discovers her first puddle
On April 9th we went to Skagway to see if Spring had arrived there yet, and stopped at Tutshi Lake to play for a bit.
Huskies playing on frozen Tutshi Lake, BC
Although there were some Spring-like smells in Skagway and preparations for the coming cruise season were underway at several buildings, it was bitterly cold. The rocks were too slippery for the fur-kids to enjoy this spot at Yakutania Point.
Yakutania Point, Skagway, Alaska
Many of my friends on Facebook have been posting photos of their garden work for the past couple of weeks, but priorities are still very different in my yard. A couple of days ago, I got my summer tires ready to mount, but it snowed yesterday so I stuck them in the garage for a while yet.
First thing tomorrow morning, I’m off on another major road trip, flying to Vancouver and then spending 4-5 days driving a U-Haul truck back to Whitehorse for a friend who has moved here. I’m going via a fairly unusual route, through Whistler and then into Stewart for one night. So, I’ll be having lots to show you the next few days – probably no dogs, though 🙂

The great BC road trip

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