Distracted by the Sunshine and Warmth

I had to go into town for a few errands on Thursday, but it was so incredibly beautiful I got distracted and went for a long walk at the airport. I sometimes check the day’s flight arrivals and departures so I’m assured of some action, but didn’t do that this time as the walk was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

I’ve really had a belly-full of the “taggers” in Whitehorse. It’s time to start arresting these disrespectful jerks. Have a look at the VandalWatch program in southern British Columbia.

The airport trail is a great vantage point for watching the downtown part of the city change. There’s a lot of pressure for the City to change zoning regulations to allow for much taller buildings downtown, so the changes may get a lot more dramatic in a few years.

Cathy and I keep an eye on the condo developments. It’s possible that that’s where we’ll end up some day when the maintenance of acreage gets to be too much.

This view of the terminal will be changing as soon as the construction season starts – $500,000 has just been approved for the addition of a second jetway. Single-jetway airports are often seen in the aviation community as being rather quaint, and it’ll be sad to see YXY off that list.

This is the condo that I keep my eye on. River’s Edge is far behind schedule, and is only residential on the top floor, with 6 units ranging from $349,000 for 892 square feet to $579,000 for 1,725 square feet. What a location to retire to! Yes, I know that we could move to Florida for 1/3 of those prices.

This interesting bird popped in for a quick fuel-up. It’s a Dassault Falcon 900EX, registration VP-BSO, owned by Shell Aircraft, which has 4 Falcons that are used to shuttle Shell Oil executives around the world. The registration prefix “VP-B” shows that it’s registered in Bermuda.

The airport trail hasn’t been used much lately and it’s getting quite punchy down towards the south end of the runway, but I love this view so waded through the snow and made my own trail anyway.

Wind erosion can produce some interesting effects. A dog, or more likely a coyote, compressed the snow so that the pawprints were left as the powdery snow around them blew away.

As I was almost back to my car, one of the Air Canada Jazz flights from Vancouver arrived.

There were 3 planes doing circuits, using this beautiful weather to get back in practice so they’re ready when Spring arrives. I posted this photo on my Facebook page, and within a couple of hours knew who the people were. The beautiful little plane, C-FLIF, is a 1947 Cessna 120.

Mount Lorne is one of my 2 favourite mountains that are visible from town (the other, of course, is Golden Horn).

One last shot and it was time to get my errands done!

Visiting the garbage dump landfill WMF (Waste Management Facility) always makes my stomach churn because of what we do to the Earth. The little mountain behind the refrigerators consists of tires. Maybe if everyone had to see this on a regular basis instead of putting their garbage out at the curb and having it gone when they get home, they’d be more conscious about what they throw away. Or maybe not… 🙁

By the looks of the weather forecast this morning, there may be many more reasons to get out of the office in the coming days. 🙂

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