Digital Magazines

Years ago it was said by some self-proclaimed pundits that the digital age would be the end of books, magazines and newspapers. While that hasn’t happened, there have been some major changes in the publishing world. I love the feel of books, and e-books will never replace them in my house. I seldom buy a newspaper anymore, though, because I get most of what I want online. I enjoy magazines for the content and colour of them, but I hate taking several pounds of them to Raven Recycling. Until this morning, though, I hadn’t found a digital equivalent.

This morning I got an email from – they transform 850 print magazines into digital format. The same content, same design, with no downloads, software installation or plug ins required. You can access your library online from any computer, and have the option to download and read offline, too. Add features like archive, search, bookmark and share, and the fact that you can browse the magazine stand in your pyjamas. The free sample I ordered (the Feb/8 Motor Trend) looks good – definitely worth exploring further.

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