Did Nobody Come to Our Party?

For months there have been forecasts of Canada-Games-period Whitehorse becoming a jam-packed city where you can’t get groceries, gas or a meal without huge lineups. Well, I went into town on Saturday filled with dread, and found a ghost town. SuperStore was nearly empty, maybe half what you would expect on a normal Saturday afternoon. The liquor store was the same, and the clerk told me that on Friday night there were more staff members than customers in the store. Continuing my “quest for guests” to Main Street, I found several parking spots available right on Main – unheard of on Saturday. Okay, everybody must be at the Canada Games Center – nope, lots of parking spots there too, and the lot at the Klondike Inn had very few vehicles, so people aren’t just taking the bus.

So at this point it looks to me that the stories drove the locals away (Cathy went to Ontario, and many people we know left town in various ways), and the folks from Outside are just watching the party on TV. Ouch……

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