Dan Pakula, Stikine Riversong Lodge

Some of my regular readers know or at least have met Dan Pakula, owner of the Stikine Riversong Lodge in Telegraph Creek, British Columbia. Dan died on Monday, July 26th – my understanding is that he was unloading a 45-gallon drum from his truck when it slipped and crushed him. This is a huge loss, not only to his friends and family, but to the entire region. Dan was a tireless promoter of the Stikine River, the river that brought him north 30+ years ago. I’ve talked with him many times, by email and in person over the past 20+ years, and to say that he was passionate about it is an understatement. There’s an email from him sitting in my Inbox that I hadn’t even had a chance to answer yet.

My sincere condolences go out to everyone affected.


Dan Pakula, Stikine Riversong Lodge — 5 Comments

  1. Sad news. I know the community is in shock. I work with the Stikine school district and the staff at T.C. are in shock and saddened. Loss of a community builder is always tough. Happy he went doing something he loved… loading his boat.

  2. Such a heart breaking reality that he is gone.
    I feel the need to correct you in the fact that the drum did not fall on him. There was miscommunication between people who were around the area.

  3. Dan was a lifelong friend of mine–people are leaders or followers–Dan was a leader and an innovator–a real ethical and moral leader–some people never seem to find themselves–Dan seemed to know exactly where he wanted to go and knew what he wanted to accomplish–you need only to inquire about his wife and family to know that he was a mythical figure–he will be sorely missed but those who knew him will also know that he achieved more than most people only dream of

  4. I met Dan the first time I stayed at The Lodge in 1995, and met him each time after that. I remember Dan as a perfect gentle man. All the usual attributes apply – warm, generous etc – but we maintained an intermittent communication long after I’d given up traveling long distances.
    A great man. If I can miss him at this distance, who can NOT miss him closer to home?

  5. My wife and I met Dan in July 2004 on a major trip in the west that included a guided tour in Dan’s boat down the Stikine from Telegraph Creek to Wrangell and back. The two of us and Dan were the only ones on the boat so we had lots of opportunity to speak with Dan and get to know him a little. It was one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever taken – and, scenery notwithstanding, Dan was a major reason for that.

    Having just learned of his passing (4 years after it happened) is a real shock for us. Our condolences go out to his family.