Customer Service – Are You Getting It?

CBC Radio had a spot this morning that leads in interesting directions. CBC recently conducted a survey and tests of telephone call centres to determine the good, the bad and the ugly in the world of phone-based customer service.

The results are interesting, and I agree with the results for the few on the list that I’ve dealt with. I was hoping to see Navigo on the list, but perhaps they’re too small yet. Too bad, as I’d like to see if other people would give them a rating of “0″ on a scale of 100. Given their recent promotions, people need to know that their Internet service is very poor (nowhere close to what was advertised when we signed up a year ago), and their phone support non-existent. Not once have I ever gotten the promised call-back from my support requests. That’s not quite true – they have 2 levels of support, and the first basic level is good, but lots of luck getting a response to detailed questions or problems.

That leads to personal customer service, something that’s been notoriously lacking in the Yukon in recent years. I’m very happy to be able to say that that situation has changed, though. At least it has in Whitehorse, perhaps in response to the much higher level of competition in most markets. In the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten exceptional service at Waterstone, The Brick and Erik’s Audiotronics. The staff at the Canadian Tire in Whitehorse is also notably good in general. Some companies still don’t get it, unfortunately. While WalMart service is poor, TD Bank is on the top of my “Ugly” list (I’m in the process of moving all of my accounts from TD Bank to Scotia – their constant phone spam and bad attitude by some staff are both unacceptable).

If you have any bouquets (or barbs) for service that you’d like to share, Yukono is a great place to post them (well, it was – it’s gone).

Some of you may be interested in a source for stock photos such as the customer service rep at the top of this page. While I shoot most of my own, when I need an image that isn’t in my personal image library, I get most of them from Big Stock Photo – there are some excellent images for as little as $1.

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