Crocus Alert!

In the southern Yukon, the arrival of migrating swans is the first sign that Spring is getting close, but the first sign that Spring has arrived is the budding of the crocus – the first hairy little bud has now pushed up through the forest floor a few feet from our front door. From the ground to its tip is only 3/4 of an inch – you really have to look hard to find it at this point in its life 🙂

The key to getting them to show is water – preferably rain but we haven’t seen rain in a very long time, so yesterday afternoon I put the lawn spinkler in the area where the crocuses show first, and 24 hours later there it was. It should be in bloom in a couple of days.

Also encouraged by the water was this little puffball – 5/8 of an inch in diameter. It’s a fungus of some sort, tissue paper thin, that explodes when you touch it, spraying powder (spores) all over.


Crocus Alert! — 1 Comment

  1. I found some crocus last week up high on the hills around Scwatka…they were very purple 🙂