Creating an “Explore Dawson Creek” Driving Route

It’s been a busy couple of days in Dawson Creek, and I could easily stay another day. But, Tumbler Ridge beckons, so we’ll be on the road this morning.

I mainly want to tell you about the driving route that I created after noticing that there are none for Dawson Creek among the 64 driving routes that Destination BC promotes. But first, there’s a wonderful walking trail that runs 4.5 kilometers through the wetlands along Dawson Creek. We only walked about 1/4 of it due to the very warm temperature and a shortage of time. The north access that we used is behind the Peace River Regional District offices. After about half a km on a road, the trail entrance is marked.

Dawson Trail, Dawson Creek, BC
We didn’t meet any other people during the hour or so we spent walking, but apparently the southern sections of the trail get more use.

Dawson Trail, Dawson Creek, BC
Bella and Tucker thoroughly enjoyed the outing – lots of new sniffs for them to check out, and they’ve figured out how to have a good tussle while on the extended leashes.

Dogs on the Dawson Trail, Dawson Creek, BC
While Bella and Tucker were our exploring with me, Molly was on guard-cat duty, keeping a close eye out for intruders 🙂

Molly the cat loves RVing
I left the kids in the RV for a nap while I went downtown to join a friend for lunch. Joyce suggest the Alcan Smokehouse, and it was perfect – unique, with excellent and all locally-sourced meals, and great service.

Alcan Smokehouse, Dawson Creek
There are 2 floors in the restored heritage building , and Joyce asked for a table upstairs. It’s smaller and has more character as well as a good view.

Alcan Smokehouse, Dawson Creek

Alcan Smokehouse, Dawson Creek
Joyce had their “Alcan Meatless Burger”, which is smoked portabello mushroom topped with mozza and other good stuff, while I went for the Bison Burger: “Locally-sourced and house-seasoned bison patty, grilled and topped with smoked gouda, garlic aioli, pickles, lettuce, and tomato. Served on a potato scallion bun”, and added “blasted potatoes”. It was wonderful! Truly a unique taste unlike any other burger I’ve had.

Alcan Smokehouse, Dawson Creek

Now to the driving route, the need for which got confirmed during lunch. This is an all-day trip – 186 km long, covering much of the Dawson Creek region, with a wide variety of natural and historic attractions that could easily make it even more than one day. I posted a draft version while I was on the road, and the finished product has now been posted: Dawson Creek, British Columbia – Scenic Driving Route.


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  1. Think I already requested this but just in case, here is my request💩 don’t want to miss anything!

  2. Loved this, kinda got all misty there for a moment…..ahhh the Peace and my hometown. I used to stay with my friend Jody at Fellhauer’s farm which was just across the old Kiskatinaw bridge – we swam in the river and had great experiences on the farm……thanks again, for the memories…..

  3. I’m from Ontario. In 2011 my husband and I drove nort from Calgary in a rented rv to Dawson Creek ( side trip to see a friend in Mckenzie B.C.) then back to the Alaskan Hwy. to Whitehorse, Dawson City, down again to Whitehorse, Skagway, and flew home from Whitehorse. I am thoroughly enjoying your extra insight into your current road trip. All the knowledge you have of the area and interesting facts are appreciated. I’m hoping for another chance at this trip using your great tips! Thank you.
    Also quite impressed ( envious) you are managing this with 3 loveable pets.
    And the Laird Hot Springs!!!!! Now that’s my kind of SPA!!!!
    Again thank you for sharing.