Craigslist in the Yukon

Back on September 5, 2008 I posted this:

Craigslist seems to be the winner when it comes to buying and selling online in a non-auction format, and there’s now a Yukon division of Craigslist, at It’s pretty dead there still, since it just opened a few weeks ago, but the Alaska Craigslist is going full-tilt at If you’re like me and have never been to Craigslist before, and only want to see local stuff for sale, use the search feature for “Yukon”, “Alaska” or whatever.

If you have stuff that you want to get rid of for free, join us at the Whitehorse Freecycle email list.

As of this morning, though, there are only 2 things for sale at Craigslist Yukon – it’s just never caught on here. Newspaper ads and Trader Time on CKRW radio are clearly still the preferred methods of selling stuff here.


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