Cold, Art & Husky Puppies – Keeping the Variety Going

After our long spell of warmer-than-normal temperatures, Winter has returned, plunging the thermometer to levels well below normal. But, life goes on, although a hoped-for flight this weekend is probably going to get cancelled as a result of the deep cold.

It’s bottomed out at -31.2°C (-24.2°F) here in Mary Lake this morning. The usual lower-than-Whitehorse temperatures mean that we’ll probably hit -40 (that’s where Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same) or lower early next week. Click on this image to see the current forecast, opening in a new window.

Weather in Whitehorse, Yukon
Yesterday, I finally got at a project that’s been on my to-do list for just about forever – taking photographs of the famous “stained glass” mural in the main Yukon Government building. I was a bit late, though, as some of the panels are deteriorating and one has been removed to try to find a way to repair them. This morning, I posted the photographs of each panel with explanations of what is featured in them – that article can be seen here.
The stained glass mural in Whitehorse, Yukon
It was gorgeous yesterday. Even though it was -25C (-13F) when Monty and I were in town, the sun had such warmth that my heavy jacket wasn’t zipped up and I didn’t wear gloves! The Yukon River didn’t feel that warmth, though, and was steaming nicely.
Yukon River steaming in the sunshine at -25 degrees
After being very patient while I dealt with a long list of errands, my buddy got to go for a good run at Schwatka Lake on the way home. “Look, Dad, I can fly!” 🙂
Monty, the flying husky
Cathy and I have been thinking about getting another dog ever since Kayla died, but the right dog just hasn’t appeared. Well, Cathy found one in Whitehorse that she fell in love with a few weeks back, but I just didn’t get the feeling. A few days ago, though, a private rescue in Canmore, Alberta (Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue), took in some husky-cross puppies, and Cathy and I both got the message that it was the right time and the right dogs. We currently are trying to adopt the little female in the middle of this photo – this cold may mess up the plan I had to fly down this weekend to bring her home, though.
Husky-cross puppies in Canmore, Alberta

It’s another busy day coming – I have a lunch meeting with a Whitehorse fellow who’s researching Alaska Highway roadhouses, I have to dig out my greenhouse to get some lumber I need for the bathroom reno, I need to see how the puppy adoption is progressing, and I have some writing to do for another blog (a new project which I’ll tell you about when that article – about our recent trip to Vancouver – is posted).


Cold, Art & Husky Puppies – Keeping the Variety Going — 6 Comments

  1. Another wonderful photo of Monty. Also, I think the puppy you are choosing looks THE one. I was drawn to her at first glance, before I read your text! She is beautiful. Good luck!

    Marie G.

  2. Good choice on the new puppy. I thought the Yukon river would be completely frozen over by now . Monty looks happy flying about .