Changing Seasons, Changing Priorities

My good canoe, the Wenonah-Jensen, is now hanging from the ceiling in the Whitehorse garage, while the poor, heavy old Coleman sits on the beach waiting to be covered by snow. Between travel, poor weather and high water that eliminated the beaches on Lake Bennett, neither canoe got wet for more than a few minutes this year. Pretty sad indeed – the canoes provide such a great way to explore.

But life goes on – I ran into a few flakes of snow down the South Klondike a couple of days ago, so now it’s time to start thinking about how to make the winter pass pleasantly. Get the dogsled down and harnesses untangled. Plan a long road trip South. Look at some Yukon College courses (I looked at some City courses, but judging by the course fees they think everyone here has 2 government jobs!). Maybe take advantage of some pre-season sales to get into a new sport that will help keep me young and “blow some stink off”…

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