Chain Saw + Sweat = Mountain View

I love our new property. Most mornings, we have over 150 birds feeding at the 2 feeders or close by, and their sound filling the forest is wonderful.

Renovations have started on both property and house, though, and seeing if we could get a mountain view without losing any privacy was high priority. This was the view from the breakfast nook 3 days ago.

Another issue was that a tree had fallen against the barn, doing some minor damage, and a huge one that could do serious damage is leaning over the barn.

I got the view cutline figured out, and the first major sweat has been cutting down trees the past couple of days. Today I’m resting – that’s tough work for an old man!

This is the view looking back at the house from half way up the corral.

Tah-dah! Here’s Golden Horn this morning. I LOVE mountains, and having this view has made a huge difference to both of us.

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