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Back in Kelowna, BC

Like every other Yukon and Alaska blogger, I was going to tell you about the incredibly warm weather we were having last week. Although I missed that window, I do want to show those of you who live elsewhere a … Continue reading

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Mule Deer, Moose & Heavy Snow

The weather hasn’t been very encouraging for road trips lately, but I had a few things sitting at the post office in Skagway so went down yesterday anyway. Any trip to Skagway is a good one, even though some are … Continue reading

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Cycling to the Arctic, and other Winter-related stuff

Yesterday was a busy day. The main project was to drive down the Alaska Highway to meet Brek Boughton, the cyclist who’s headed for Tuktoyaktuk, NWT but that had to be fit in among other things. This is what our … Continue reading

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Photography in the Yukon at -37 Degrees

This has been a very dreary winter so far in the southern Yukon, with very little sun and lots of snow. Our winters used to be clear and cold – invigorating rather than dreary. When I saw this weather forecast … Continue reading

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Driving to Skagway, Alaska, at -20 Degrees

I’m always watching the weather for good road-trip days. The longer I’ve been off the road, though, the more accepting I am of what I might at other times consider a mediocre day, and yesterday was one of those. With … Continue reading

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Storm-Chasing in a Yukon Winter

I needed some excitement yesterday, and the weather forecast for the South Klondike Highway called for snow and wind, so I figured I’d go down to do some extreme-weather photography. My daughter posted on my Facebook page last night: “Only … Continue reading

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Oh Look, It’s Snowing – Isn’t It Pretty?

I’ve been quiet here for almost 2 weeks as I try to get back to reality after our trip to Europe. It has actually been snowing for almost 6 weeks here now, almost daily recently, so moving snow takes up … Continue reading

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Meeting Wolves instead of Sandy

A drive looking for sunshine yesterday turned into a day I will never forget when I met a pack of wolves along the South Klondike Highway. It was really dull and dreary yesterday morning, and far colder than “normal” (whatever … Continue reading

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Sunny in Skagway? Road Trip!

Cathy and I are both still a bit jet-lagged and not completely over the colds we picked up a couple of weeks ago, but when I saw sunshine being reported for Skagway for a few days, we decided that a … Continue reading

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Autumn along the South Klondike Highway – from Oranges to Gray

I’d been watching the Whitehorse and Skagway weather forecasts for the past few days, hoping for a day that offered sunshine in both places so I could take the bike down and get some Fall color photos. Yesterday was that … Continue reading

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