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Collecting and Sharing Yukon & Alaska History

The subject of Northern history shows up a fair bit on this blog, and a lot on my main Web site (ExploreNorth), but I’ve never really shown you what my passion for history looks like at home. With the weather … Continue reading

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Back in the Okanagan Valley

Some of you are wondering what I’m up to, as I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks. I’m in Kelowna with my Dad at the moment, but here’s the catch-up. Way back on the 8th, we had the best of … Continue reading

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Moving on – Trading the Carcross Cabin for a Motorhome

(The cabin sold in March 2013, but I’m leaving this post as there are some interesting conversations attached to it) Cathy and I are determined to get a motorhome this Spring, and as part of that decision, I’ve dropped the … Continue reading

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Back in Kelowna, BC

Like every other Yukon and Alaska blogger, I was going to tell you about the incredibly warm weather we were having last week. Although I missed that window, I do want to show those of you who live elsewhere a … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Cathy and I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year – we hope that 2013 brings you everything you want We went into Whitehorse last night for the excellent fireworks show at 9pm, right after the 3-hour … Continue reading

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A Family Trip from Whitehorse to Kelowna

I had to fly to Kelowna, BC a couple of weeks ago to spend a week with my parents. It wasn’t a pleasure trip, it was one of the trips that everyone with elderly parents dreads. My 88-year old mother … Continue reading

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On 9/11, not even the Yukon was far enough away

During yesterday’s 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that changed the world that most of us knew, New York was of course the focus. Most people outside the Yukon have forgotten, or perhaps never heard, how Whitehorse was affected. Much … Continue reading

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Another Quick Trip to Keno City, Yukon

I returned home last night from another quick trip to Keno City to help out a friend. Back in May, it was a 1,000-km day trip to take him home from hospital. This time the trip was solo, to wind … Continue reading

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Distracted by the Sunshine and Warmth

I had to go into town for a few errands on Thursday, but it was so incredibly beautiful I got distracted and went for a long walk at the airport. I sometimes check the day’s flight arrivals and departures so … Continue reading

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Gathering Yukon History

What is history? What historic material – documents and other material – is worth saving? Those are two of the most basic questions that form the foundation of a collection of historic items. I’ve been collecting in a small way … Continue reading

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