Caribou Crossing, the Cocktail

One of the magazines we get that I really enjoy is tidings, a Canadian food and wine publication. In the May/June edition that recently arrived, there’s a feature article about cocktails, one of which is called “Caribou Crossing” – and, of course, I can’t let a name like that pass without telling you about it! 🙂

The Caribou Crossing was created by Nishantha Nepulangoda, mixologist at the Blowfish Restaurant and Sake Bar in Toronto. I’ve posted the basic recipe below, but what isn’t described there is what “Cointreau caviar” is. Also known as alcohol pearls, you can find directions to create them (so you can make the perfect Caribou Crossing!) at

And here’s the basic recipe for the Caribou Crossing cocktail:

Caribou Crossing cocktail

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