Bringing Yukon / Alaska History to Life

About a dozen years ago, I purchased a 16mm film shot in 1949 by a woman on an Alaska-Yukon trip. The 52-minute reel is probaby the second of three films covering her cruise from Seattle or Vancouver to Skagway, week-long trip down the Yukon River to Dawson City by sternwheeler, and back to Seattle or Vancouver. This is a period that is not well recorded on film, and her travels by train and sternwheeler show some fascinating aspects of life then. Dawson City is particularly well recorded, but all along the route, there are significant scenes from our history.

I’ve just started a campaign at Kickstarter to raise $1,200 to have a high-resolution digital copy made of it, do a fair bit of editing, and add narration, sounds and possibly period music to it. The film will then be posted on Youtube to be viewed or downloaded by anyone for free. More information can be seen at the Kickstarter page (click the link above or the graphic below), and 76 images and more information about the film itself, can be seen at my RailsNorth site.
Alaska Yukon history film

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