Being a Tourist at Whitehorse – Skagway day trip and more…

The weather forecast for the next few days wasn’t great, so Friday seemed like the best day to go to Skagway.

On the way down we stopped to see our cabin at Carcross and lucked into being on the deck there when the train to Skagway departed.

The “must-do” photo of this trip 🙂

We had an excellent halibut-and-chips lunch at the Skagway Brewing Company, then went down to the dock area. This was one of the Disney Wonder’s first visits to Skagway.

We stopped at the William Moore Bridge on the way back up the hill and walked back across it to see how far down it is to Moore Creek!

The view up the creek is pretty impressive too.

We spent a long time with this fine young brown-coloured black bear along Tutshi Lake. This photo was taken from the safety of the car, but as you can see by the look on his face, he wasn’t bothered by our presence. He’s laying down eating dandelions in this photo – he got up only to move to a new patch and then laid down again.

A couple of miles past the bear we came across this crashed Alaska-plated car. I drove by but then did a U-turn and went back to make sure nobody was in it. The driver had gotten extremely lucky – few places along the South Klondike Highway would allow this soft a landing. I phoned the RCMP when we reached Carcross, and an officer headed down to check it out, as they hadn’t heard about it yet.

On Saturday, Cathy and our guests spent the day exploring Whitehorse some more and doing a lot of shopping while I went on the “Ride for Dad” charity motorcycle run.

About 100 motorcycles rode the loop from Whitehorse to Jakes Corner, through Tagish to Carcross and back to Whitehorse. This photo shows the gas station and restaurant at Jakes Corner – this is getting to be one of my regular stops, as I like all the staff and they have excellent food and good prices on both food and gas.

Tomorrow, we’ll all be visiting a couple of museums and then going out to Tagish for a family dinner.

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