Back in the Yukon, Home of Father Winter

I flew home from Kelowna a couple of days ago, on Wednesday, going from temperatures as high as +15°C (59°F) back to nights down to -32°C (-26°F)

The weather forecast called for clouds and showers for the entire trip except for the last hour into Whitehorse, but Vancouver was lovely. That’s the Vancouver airport in the centre of this photo looking south.
Aerial view of YVR, the Vancouver airport
I arrived at the Kelowna airport almost 2 hours early so my sister, who gave me a ride, could get to work. That gave me time for breakfast there, so I had a lot more free time between flights at Vancouver. I checked out some of the small regional carriers, Hawkair and Central Mountain Air…
…then went over to an area I hadn’t been to before, to see the construction going on there. This is part of a $1.8 billion renovation of the domestic terminal area. That’s billion with a “b” – a hard number to wrap my head around! The work is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2015.
Construction at YVR, the Vancouver airport
Construction at YVR, the Vancouver airport
A Boeing 777-21B (ER) operated by China Southern Airlines, taxis for takeoff on a flight to Guangzhou, China.
Boeing 777-21B (ER) operated by China Southern Airline
C-FMXC, a Boeing 767-333ER, lands in a crosswind.
C-FMXC, a Boeing 767-333ER
Bought new by Iceland Air in 1990, this Boeing 737-408 is now operated on VIP charters, mostly to sports teams, by Swift Air.
In the air headed north at 2:15, we were quickly into clouds as expected. The clouds cleared as we passed over Iskut Lake, on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. I saw the perfectly-shaped volcanic Eve Cone right below us, then we crossed over the Stikine Plateau where I shot this photo. I’ve never forgotten this incredible area since I first saw it from my own little airplane in 1985.
Aerial view of the Stikine Plateau in northern BC
This photo shows the view to the north down the Gladys River valley – I’ve labelled some of the main landmarks.
Aerial view of the Gladys River valley in the Cassiar District of northern BC
Surprise Lake, northeast of Atlin, is an area I want to see a lot more of this coming summer.
Aerial view of Surprise Lake - Atlin, BC
This is the military cadet camp a few blocks from my home, as we were on our landing approach.
Aerial view of the military cadet camp at Whitehorse, Yukon
Macrae was a major camp during the construction of the Alaska Highway, which is running across the bottom of this photo. It’s now a particularly unkempt industrial area.
Aerial view of the Macrae industrial area of Whitehorse, Yukon

Despite the frigid temperatures, it’s great to be home. I’ve got lots of catching up to do now.


Back in the Yukon, Home of Father Winter — 2 Comments

  1. Love your aerial shots. I had never heard of an Eve Cone…interesting. It’s always good to be home…there’s no place like it.