Back in Kelowna, BC

Like every other Yukon and Alaska blogger, I was going to tell you about the incredibly warm weather we were having last week. Although I missed that window, I do want to show those of you who live elsewhere a couple of photos.

This is not what shovelling snow in January normally looks like. The temperature was about +4°C (39°F) when I shot this on January 14th, and in Whitehorse it hit 11 that day, beating the all-time record for the day by about 4 degrees.

Shoveling snow in the Yukon in January, wearing a t-shirt!
Our weather station shows how erratic the weather was overnight on the 14th-15th. The graph is in 1-degree, 1-hour increments – it hit a high of just over 7°C overnight.

Erratic weather in Whitehorse

At about 9:00pm on Monday night, though, all my plans for the week got changed. I got a call that my 90-year-old father had been struck by a vehicle as he crossed the road, and was in the Kelowna hospital in serious condition. I booked the first reasonable flight out.

At 12:07 Tuesday we lined up on the runway at Whitehorse, bound for Vancouver.

Lined up on the runway at Whitehorse, Yukon
A small meandering river just south of Whitehorse.

A small meandering river just south of Whitehorse
At Carcross, the water flowing in the Nares River is open again due to the warm weather. The Nares River is only a few hundreds yards long, flowing from Lake Bennett at the top into Nares Lake.

Aerial view of Carcross, Yukon in the winter
The vast mountain ranges of central British Columbia stretch to the west at 1:05pm.

Aerial view of mountains in British Columbia
I simply never get tired of studying the details of the earth as I fly over.

Aerial view of mountains in British Columbia
The coast of south BC was blanketed in a thick layer of low cloud.

Low clouds with mountain tops sticking out
Landing at YVR, Vancouver, at 2:01pm.

Landing at YVR, Vancouver
A rescue-training aircraft and crash truck.

A fun sculpture in the domestic terminal.

Vancouver airport sculpture
At 4:32 we were climbing out for Kelowna in a Dash 8.

Flying out of YVR
It was a lovely sunset – this was shot at 4:48pm.

Aerial view of a sunset in BC
Looking down on Merritt at 5:05pm.

Aerial view of Merritt, BC, at night
Walking into the YLW Kelowna terminal at 5:27

The doctors weren’t certain that Dad would survive the night (see the newspaper article), but he did, and when I got in to see him Wednesday morning he was stable but in bad shape with a fractured pelvis and other minor injuries. He has an excellent medical team helping him, but has a long, difficult road ahead. My days have been full of hospital visits, talking to medical and other people about the case, and working on getting Dad’s house useable for him and a caregiver. I have made a bit of time to relax and take photos of Kelowna, though.

This was shot just after 1:00 pm on Wednesday, with the temperature at about -4 with a strong south wind blowing up Okanagan Lake.

The downtown marina, the Delta Grand hotel, and Knox Mountain in the background.

Enjoying an Okanagan winter in the lakeshore park.

The new free skating rink has become very popular very quickly.

Yesterday, Friday, I went to the site of Dad’s accident again, trying unsuccessfully to understand exactly what happened. He was jaywalking from the casino, the large dark facade in the centre of this photo when he was hit, but I can’t figure out why the driver of the van headed in the direction this photo was shot didn’t see him. No charges are being considered against the driver, though.

As much time as I’m spending at the massive Kelowna hospital, I still get lost, partly due to the construction going on, I expect, and partly because my brain is overwhelmed.

Kelowna’s utility boxes have been beautifully decorated for many years, but many are now being redone with artwork from Beautiful British Columbia magazine going back into the early 1960s – I love it!

Back to the lakeshore just after noon yesterday.

A final shot of the new bridge from a rather unusual angle.

Time to get moving – get a pot of coffee into my system, and back to the hospital.


Back in Kelowna, BC — 10 Comments

  1. So sorry to read of your dad’s accident, you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. I’m happy to hear that your father is on the mend after his accident. I hope he will soon be at home and that your life can return to normal. I really enjoyed your photos from the planes.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. My thoughts are with you and your family, wishing him all the best in his recovery.

  4. I am very sorry to hear about your father. I hope he will have a full recovery and be able to return home in the near future.

  5. Sorry to hear about your dad 🙁 My dad is in the hospital too, after having a stroke 2 weeks ago. Here’s to a great recovery for both of them!

  6. I used to live in Carcross many years ago and still miss the north. I hope to move back to Canada before too long. I presently live in Oklahoma and pull up your pictures of Carcross and Whitehorse very often…homesick I guess..
    Hoping you dad is on the mend and will have many healthy years ahead.

  7. Wishing your Dad a full recovery – may the enforced rest & stay in hospital heal his bones and restore his health & well-being.

    Love that fun sculpture in the Domestic Terminal. Is it a new one? We didn’t see it, when making internal flights.

    We enjoyed the Okanagan & I recognised your photo of the marina, Delta Grand, etc. I am pleased you recently had a lift in your weather and could get some ‘natural’ Vit. D. as you shovelled snow. I love the photo of the meandering river south of Carcross.

    Best Regards,
    Marie G.

  8. Murray,
    I have been reading and enjoying your blog for quite some time. I traveled to Carcross many years ago and found it fascinating.
    Anyway – I hope your dad recovers quickly!!