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Mayerthorpe, Alberta – a Community Honours Dedication and Sacrifice

On March 3, 2005, life ended for four members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police while performing their duties, and life changed for many others as a result of those deaths. The small northern Alberta farming community of Mayerthorpe could … Continue reading

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To Coal Mining Country in the Alberta Rockies

Yesterday was supposed to be an at-home day. No, really, it was – I was just going out for groceries! After putting a few bags of food in the trunk, I decided to go a few miles and get photos … Continue reading

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A Day Trip to Jasper, Alberta

Saturday was intended to be an inside day catching up on paperwork, but it didn’t work out that way. Just before 08:00, the kids left for Edmonton, en route to Maui. With the wind chill officially at -49°C (-56°F), Maui … Continue reading

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Dawson Creek to Hinton, Alberta

I’m going to skip by Wednesday’s touring of Dawson Creek, as I plan to post that on the Explore BC blog and approval takes a few days. So, moving on, I spent about 1/2 an hour taking more photos around … Continue reading

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Driving the Alaska Highway in Winter – Muncho Lake to Dawson Creek

Tuesday was planned as another easy day with lots of time to stop to explore and photograph. The total mileage would only be 702 km (436 miles) – the previous day’s total from Whitehorse was 686 km. It would be … Continue reading

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Driving the Alaska Highway in Winter – Whitehorse to Muncho Lake

I’m back on the road again, this time for about 17 days, doing basically a loop around what Destination British Columbia calls the Great Northern Circle Route, with some changes. I left home on Monday just over 2 hours before … Continue reading

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A Long-weekend Getaway to Vancouver

I love small-town life, but a long-weekend getaway to Vancouver allows me to indulge in great dining and other pleasures of the city that I sometimes miss. Read about our trip 2 weeks ago in “A Small-Town Foodie Goes to … Continue reading

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An All-night Northern Lights Road Trip

Just after 9:00 last night, taking my puppy out for a short walk turned out to be the start of a very, very special night. At that time, there was just a small aurora borealis display showing on the north-eastern … Continue reading

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The Drive to Skagway in Snow-free February

Okay, most of the route isn’t quite snow-free, but as you’ll see in the photos below, there’s not much of the white stuff anywhere. The poor organizers of even the Iditarod sled dog race are stressing about where they’re going … Continue reading

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A Quick Flight to Calgary for a Husky Puppy

After a few days trying to adopt one of the husky-cross (a.k.a. “Alaskan Husky”) puppies from a rescued litter near Canmore, Alberta, it finally came together on Thursday. I booked a flight for the next day to go down and … Continue reading

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