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Great Light for a Drive to Skagway

An hour after getting home from my 12-hour, 538-kilometer aurora-viewing drive to Kluane Lake, I was back on the road to Skagway. I had an exciting eBay win to pick up at the post office, and hey, it was sunny … Continue reading

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To Kluane Lake for Aurora Borealis Viewing

As our changing climate makes cloudy skies the norm during a Whitehorse winter, aurora borealis viewing gets less and less likely. Yesterday, once again seeing the frustrating combination of great aurora forecasts and cloudy skies, I decided to drive to … Continue reading

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Bringing Yukon / Alaska History to Life

About a dozen years ago, I purchased a 16mm film shot in 1949 by a woman on an Alaska-Yukon trip. The 52-minute reel is probaby the second of three films covering her cruise from Seattle or Vancouver to Skagway, week-long … Continue reading

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Driving from Winter at Whitehorse to Fall at Dyea

On Saturday, Cathy and I took the dogs for a walk along the waterfront trail in Whitehorse. It seemed like a good idea, but with the kids on leashes and the trail very icy, it wasn’t much fun for anyone. … Continue reading

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Collecting and Sharing Yukon & Alaska History

The subject of Northern history shows up a fair bit on this blog, and a lot on my main Web site (ExploreNorth), but I’ve never really shown you what my passion for history looks like at home. With the weather … Continue reading

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Getting into Winter Mode with a Drive to Skagway

It’s hard to believe that it’s only 12 days ago that we were on Waikiki Beach. My head has been having a hard time adjusting, and I needed to do something to get myself into winter mode, so I drove … Continue reading

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Now you can Subscribe to The ExploreNorth Blog

It was brought to my attention by a reader a few days ago that I don’t have an easy way to subscribe to this blog. I’m very flattered to have been asked this question, and have just added one that … Continue reading

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The Trip Home, from Hot Sand to Snow

On Thursday, we began the 4,000-mile trip home. We were scheduled to fly out of Honolulu at 1:15 pm with Alaska Airlines, have a very short overnight in Seattle, and be in Whitehorse just before 2:00 pm Friday. Although there … Continue reading

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Nu’uanu Pali Lookout and Highway H-3

With the end of our Hawaiian vacation nearing, there was one more site we needed to see on Oahu – Nu’uanu Pali Lookout. It was planned to be a very short excursion with MJ and Jim, but we got a … Continue reading

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A Milestone Birthday on the Beach at Waikiki

On Tuesday, we finally reached the special day that this trip was planned to celebrate – Cathy’s 50th birthday. After our long and hot day at Pearl Harbor the previous day, this would be a calm beach day, with dinner … Continue reading

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