Aurora Borealis & Swans – A Yukon Photographer’s Dream Day

When I was in Carcross the past few days I was reminded of what an incredible place it is for a photographer – why I have thousands of photos taken within a couple of miles of the village. The 5 photos that follow were all shot on April 6th.

I’d heard that my neighbour, Wayne Roberts (owner of Bike Carcross), had been extremely active shooting photos of the increasingly active aurora borealis this past winter, and went over to see what he’d captured. That morning, he woke up just after 3:30 and looked out to see a great aurora, so packed up his gear and headed out.

The first photo was shot at 3:49. He’s got a professional quality Nikon D700 on loan, and the image quality is simply superb.

The second photo was shot at 4:19. The patterns that developed over the course of about 90 minutes were wonderful, and Wayne got hundreds of photos with a variety of backgrounds.

The next three photos are mine, shot from my cabin with my little Fuji point-and-shoot. I wonder how many places in the world offer the chance to experience both the Northern Lights and migrating swans within a few hours. Not many, I’ll wager.

Seeing what Wayne’s Nikon can do has me thinking about what I need for next winter, when the aurora will be even better 🙂


Aurora Borealis & Swans – A Yukon Photographer’s Dream Day — 5 Comments

  1. Love the pictures Murray. keep the swan pictures coming. Northern lights are just amazing.

  2. Looks as if the plane on the news feeds that shot those lights are close to the same as yours…or maybe they flew over the Yukon…yours are awsome