At Least I Didn’t Lead No Humdrum Life

I collect ads. I’ve been collecting ads for decades. Amongst all the advertising trash that bombards us day after day there really are some gems. Some are brilliant, some hilarious, some particularly artistic, and some just resonate with me. It’s the state of Wyoming’s ad in the May issue of Conde’ Nast Traveler magazine that rings my bell this morning – it goes in my “brilliant” file, but also resonates strongly with me right now.

Despite the fresh snow on the roads this morning, in a week I’ll be leaving on a 5,800-kilometer trip on my motorcycle, to visit family in southern BC and Alberta. Is 60 too old to make a trip like that? Some people close to me think so. But I’m infinitely flexible in my schedule, and it will almost certainly go into my large stock of “At Least I Didn’t Lead No Humdrum Life” stories 🙂

My general route is down Highway 37 to Stewart (B), across Highway 16 with a detour up to Fort St. James (C), down to the Okanagan Valley (D), across to southern Alberta (E, F), back through Rocky Mountain House to the Icefields Parkway (G), then back to the Alaska Highway for the final leg home.


At Least I Didn’t Lead No Humdrum Life — 8 Comments

  1. Bud, if you got the means, the health and the desire – GO FOR IT. Age is just a number!

  2. Your only as old as you feel. GO FOR IT Do it now while you can. Keep us posted Thanks have fun

  3. Enjoy that trip, Murray! Sorry to see you won’t be getting close enough for me to buy you a coffee.

    PS — 60 is the new 40 🙂

  4. Thanks for all of your comments. Due to nasty weather throughout most of my route in the next couple of weeks I’ve decided to delay the trip for about 10 days. The long-range forecast is calling for a dramatic improvement the last few days of May so that’s the new target. One of the advantages of being semi-retired is the ability to be hugely flexible with plans 🙂