Another 24 hours in the White Pass

I have a niece visiting for a week, so I took her to the White Pass with the RV last Thursday, intending to do some hiking. The weather didn’t cooperate so we didn’t stay long, but some cool things happened so here’s another post about the White Pass – there are only 12 photos and a video this time, though.

We left home at 10:00 am on Thursday, and after getting the camp set up, drove a bit further south with the Tracker, and started up the route I call Border Ridge. We’ve never been sure about Bella’s background, but she went off to the side of the route and seemed to be trying to let me know that she’s half husky and half mountain goat 🙂

My dog Bella on the cliffs in the White Pass
This route starts off going up a very steep rockslide that’s mostly grown over with white heather. It’s so beautiful, and both the kids were loving it.

My dog Bella in the White Pass

My dog Tucker in the White Pass

The wind got cold, and I took off my backpack to get a jacket out. When Bobbie and I were near the top of the initial climb, I realized my camera was gone! By the time I got back down and found it, then back up to the top, I wasn’t feeling well. We decided to quit. By the time we got back to the car, that had obviously been the right decision.

Back at the RV, while I went to bed to recover, Bobbie took the dogs down to the beach where Summit Creek flows into Summit Lake. When I got up just before 4 pm, I took them down again. The water level of the lake was down probably 4-5 inches from last week, so there was more room to play.

The beach where Summit Creek flows into Summit Lake
Bobbie had found one of the largest wolf paw prints I’ve ever seen on the beach at Summit Lake. It’s a full 7 inches long – exactly twice the size of Bella’s. That should put the wolf at 120+ lbs. There were also caribou tracks there.

Wolf print on the beach at Summit Lake
The next photo shows a pair of Bella’s paw prints for comparison with the wolf’s.

My dog Bella's paw prints
Tucker with some of the caribou tracks. There had been probably only one, but perhaps two, caribou on the beach. A single caribou had fairly recently walked down the shoulder of the highway where I parked the RV.

My dog Tucker with caribou tracks on the beach at Summit Lake.

Just after 7:00 pm Thursday night, we decided to go back to the International Falls trail and hike a bit of it, in case the weather Friday wasn’t good, as it appeared could well happen. Sunset wouldn’t be until a few minutes after 11 pm, so we had lots of time.

The meadow at the bottom of the initial drop off the highway was loaded with wildflowers, probably at about its peak for colour. I think the pink/purple flower is one of the 200 varieties of Indian paintbrush, genus Castilleja.

One of the 200 varieties of Indian paintbrush, genus Castilleja
Finally, at the request of one of my regular readers, I shot a waterfall video so you can enjoy the sound. This is a 4-minute compilation of 7 videos I shot along the trail that night. Click on the image below to open the video at Youtube in a new page.

International Falls, BC-Alaska border
By 8:15 pm we were climbing back up to the highway. The next photo looks pretty much straight down on Bobbie. Her right hand is holding one of the ropes installed to make descents and ascents a bit easier and safer.

A rope-assisted ascent on the International Falls trail
The view to the south out the RV window at 9:03 pm, enhanced by processing it as an HDR image.

The view out the RV window in the White Pass at 9:03 pm
Friday morning dawned cold, wet, and windy. By 09:00 when I shot the next photo of Taiya Peak pretty much hidden by clouds it had eased off a bit so we drove back to the International Falls trailhead for a look.

With most of the waterfalls hidden in the clouds, we decided to head home. We went back to the RV, broke camp, and by 10:00 were driving north.

It was a shorter trip than I’d hoped by, but any visit to the White Pass is a good one.


Another 24 hours in the White Pass — 7 Comments

  1. Love the video Murray and can’t believe how green and lush everything looks. The sound of the wind and the river and falls is amazing. Bella & Tucker sure get to enjoy these outings.
    Take care !

  2. Another travelogue, and we never tire of them, because theres always something new and unique each time you venture out.
    Murray, is there any chance of a trip to Skagway? I realize the current border situation, but maybe in the future? Most of your readers likely haven’t been to Skagway, and in my case, not since 1964.
    Watch your balance, slow down. We don’t want you invalided.
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks, Michael. There’s unfortunately no chance of getting to Skagway for the foreseeable future. Some day…

      I did too much yesterday, and am spending most of today in bed but got an appointment with one of my therapists for late this afternoon. It sure didn’t feel like too much 🙁

  3. Murray,
    The sound of the falls was certainly a zen moment. Bella and Tucker so very lucky and they look so happy.
    Thank you and take care.

  4. Love your photos Murray, Beautiful as usual, and your comments are always interesting, Keep travelling and stay HEALTHY, Cheers!!!

  5. Another truly amazing adventure Murry and with some family . As good as it gets . Would you possibly check out a few Frazier and Conrad road sites and document what the outcrops actually look like in reality on one of these road trips toward Frazier and Skagway ? I am really hooked on this area as well as the Summit area and The Inspiration Mine . I would like to view the adits and their locations. I’m trying to claim them and the golden outcrops which you have given US the pleasure to view through your lenses . Please call me and give me an email to send you the locations privately . Thank you , Murry . My phone number is 1-609-500-1827 . Hugh McCaffery .

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