An Evening Walk at Whitehorse

Cathy and I are fairly good about getting out for a walk with the dogs at least once a day. Just short ones, a loop around the property, but it’s something. When we lived in town we used to go to the airport for our walks quite often, and last night we went there again, I think for the first time since we moved to Mary Lake. Although the Centennial Trail is the popular trail in Whitehorse, I prefer the airport for several reasons.

First, there are airplanes 🙂 – sometimes really good action, sometimes just airplanes sitting off in the distance. We lucked in to Air North’s 7pm departure just as we walked by the runway on the way to the trail along the top of the “clay cliffs”.

What a beautiful evening to see the Yukon from the air! Yes, I did just get home from a long trip, but I still got a twinge that I’d like to be going somewhere 🙂

This is the furthest-north point of the trail along the cliffs – it’s a long, dizzying way down! I love seeing the city from this perspective – it’s a great reminder of how beautiful the setting is.

It was a fairly slow night at the “WalMart RV Park” – some nights there are more than twice this many rigs. This may seem to many people like an odd way to “camp” but some of the local RVs parks that you pay a lot of money for are even worse, jamming motorhomes in on a gravel parking lot. I wish that the Yukon and Alaska would use New Zealand as a model of what to offer campers – few people camp at malls there.

Looking across downtown to Grey Mountain. The largest building, with the green roof, holds government offices. The furthest line of buildings is the hospital complex – with the hospital on the left and the new (under construction) nurses’ residence on the right.

The airport trails range from a paved path to this ATV-enhanced route along the airport fence, to wide open meadows full of flowers.

We encountered the 2 immature bald eagles from the nest along Robert Service Way. A couple of women we met had just seen them arguing over a ground squirrel one of them had caught!

A different look at Main Street, at 7:35. One of the things I really do like about Whitehorse is that Main Street is still the main street instead of a nearly-abandoned backroad as in many cities. Malls and superstores hurt downtown for a few years but the vitality has returned, perhaps even stronger than before.

On the drive back home, we came upon this very “Yukon” scene – a floatplane being returned to Lake Schwatka after spending time with a mechanic up at the airport.

In the hour that we spent on this walk, we saw a total of 5 people and 1 dog. That’s one of the main things I like about the airport trails – the fact that they get very little use.


An Evening Walk at Whitehorse — 6 Comments

  1. Murray
    Looking at your walk around town is making me sad.Eight years ago this August we visited your fair town and on a hot evening took a walk also, many good memories, our grandaughter play in the park down by the paddlwheeler with a young lady from Whitehorse then going for ice cream with her and her grandmother. I have found that if you want to get to know about a town and its people get away from the tourst attractions and walk the side streets, We are hopeing to make a return trip in 2011.


  2. I wish that I could be there, but not this year unless I win the 6/49. I always look forword to your excursions and photos around Whitehorse, Skagway, etc.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I like that Main Street as come back even stronger as you say. Maybe the mom and pop stores are making a come back? Customers are perhaps getting tired of crappy customer service? I know here in my town, I always try the local hardware store first even if that means paying a little more.

  4. I try to buy locally and to avoid WalMart in particular but sometimes it’s not reasonable. I’ll pay perhaps 20% more for a product to get good local service but that’s about my limit – past that, I’m off to Amazon or some such place. And some stuff just can’t be bought in Whitehorse. Two companies in particular, though, have gotten a whole lot smarter in that regard in recent years – Canadian Tire and Home Hardware. Canadian Tire tripled the size of their store (and built right beside WalMart!) and Home Hardware chooses their stock better. While they drove the wonderful little Nelson’s Hardware out of business, some things are just not mom-and-pop-owner possible anymore.

  5. I first visited wh9itehorse in 1952 on my way to alaska and it was a sleepy town then but on subsequent visits it has really grown. I usually stayed over a couple days on my trips from and to alaska. Anyone stopping in Whitehorse should be sure to visit the beringia and transportation exibits located on the airport next to the alaska highway as well as the attractions in town.

  6. Every time I imagine taking on something exactly like this myself, all I want to do stay in bed. LOL.