A Walk on the Whitehorse Clay Cliffs

I’ve mentioned the walk around the airport before, and yesterday was so pretty I decided to spend some time there after a meeting in town. The trail is paved for a few hundred yards and then is well-tracked dirt with many side-trails that offer a unique look at the city.

This is the north end of the trail complex – a long, full-height gully cuts the clay cliffs here, and the section of cliffs to the north of it is very short.

Looking up Mountainview Drive, over the industrial area to Takhini Trailer Park on the right and the Yukon Arts Centre on the left. This was actually shot on Sunday, when Cathy and I took the dogs for a walk here.

A particularly well-used “canvas” for local vandals – I mean artists!

Buried in back yards and other rather hidden locations around town, there are still many Quonset huts remaining from World War II. After the war, they were sold to civilians. You’ll only see the odd one if you drive around town, but from the top of the clay cliffs many can be seen.

As of this past May, “The Wilderness City” is our official tagline, and I think that it’s perfect. Wilderness is only blocks away from most people’s front door.

Keeping the White Pass & Yukon Route tracks clear of mud from the ever-sliding clay cliffs is a never-ending job. This section of the rail line has only been used once in the past 30 or so years, though.

There are several condos being built around town – these are on Main Street. As with all other real estate in Whitehorse, sales of condos are brisk at prices generally in the $250-350,000 range (!!). My prediction is that a new 6-storey condo development being built on 2nd Avenue will flatten that segment of the market for a while, though.

Surprise, surprise, the trail offers fairly good airplane watching 🙂

The SS Klondike.

A particularly fine-looking red fox that I met on the trail. We both stopped and studied each other for about 5 seconds and then, apparently feeling that I wasn’t a threat, the fox calmly trotted around me.

It was an excellent walk except for one thing – I lost my car keys, and a couple of kilometers of backtracking had no result. The extra hour or so out in the cold wind did make my cold much worse, and it snowed last night so I may just be s.o.l. now 🙁


A Walk on the Whitehorse Clay Cliffs — 5 Comments

  1. Good to know you enjoyed ON.and had a great time, but I am enjoying your Yukon pic’s . guess thats because the places you visited are in my back yard.

  2. Great photos of Ont. also my back yard. But I prefer the Whitehorse and Yukon pictures, maybe because I see this all the time and I love the north. I’m glad you had a good trip , you covered a lot of ground in a short time.We will have that coffee some time in the future. Thanks Did your keys turn up?