A Short Visit to Kelowna

I flew down to Kelowna, British Columbia, on Monday for a family visit, and will be heading home tonight.

I don’t usually leave my car at the airport, but with a flight that lands in Whitehorse at midnight on a day that Cathy has to work, decided to do it this time. This was the view along the Alaska Highway at 05:46 on Monday.

Looking down on Carcross and Lake Bennett at 07:09. This is looking southwest.

The western edge of the forest fire just south of the Yukon border that’s closed the Stewart Cassiar Highway for much of the past couple of weeks.

I had over 4 hours to kill in Vancouver – the price to pay for getting flights on points. I had planned on taking the Canada Line downtown, but the weather wasn’t good so I stayed at YVR.

We were in the clouds for almost the entire 50-minute flight to Kelowna, but despite Environment Canada’s reports of thunderstorms, it was very nice when our Dash 8 landed.

Yesterday my sister and I had a great day shopping for bike gear and then touring farms and wineries. I got the armoured gear I need at a good price, discovering in the process that there are so many things to consider that buying online isn’t a reasonable option.

Our first agriculture stop was Summerhill Pyramid Winery.

We had an excellent lunch at Summerhill, which is an all-organic facility. My lunch included 4 pieces of apricot pizza – it probably sounds odd but was very good!

Then out Lakeshore Drive through the area burned by the massive 2003 forest fire.

We tasted about a dozen different types of goat cheese at Carmelis Goat Cheese and left with 2 types for future enjoyment. I wanted to introduce Tracy to Gewurztraminer wine, but the first attempt at Cedar Creek Winery was unsuccessful – the light wine was totally overpowered by the lingering taste of goat cheese.

As well as wineries, we went to the Okanagan Lavender Farm, a very successful agri-tourism operation. With the lavender harvest over, the garden wasn’t too impressive.

My sister and I both find that the smallest wineries are the ones that offer the best experience. The photo below shows SpierHead Winery, the newest boutique winery in Kelowna. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with the owner, a former commercial photographer – his signature Vanguard wine in particular is superb. It was just a photo of a wine bottle label that took us to our final winery of the day, the OkanaganVilla Estate Winery, but we left with 2 bottles of the Gewurztraminer that I had been trying to explain to Tracy 🙂

This is my view as I write this post. We have another beautiful day coming (sunshine and 29°C – 84°F), and then at 7:20 tonight I leave on the first leg of my trip home, with clear skies forecast for the entire trip.


A Short Visit to Kelowna — 9 Comments

    • You’re the one who really opened my eyes to the quality of the Okanagan version of it 🙂

  1. Come back Murray. I like wine tours much better than working and there’s about 60 more that I haven’t been to yet just here in town.

  2. You’ve got a great site there! It was an Aussie who pointed out your blog to me.

    “…this is what my new Fuji does on the Super Macro setting.”

    Would you mind letting me have the details of model camera you have? (Or maybe I’m the world’s worst photographer :-).

  3. Thanks for that. I’ve just been looking at a critique of it.

    What really got me was your macro shots of the critters from the wood pile. I have an old Panasonic Lumix which doewn’t do anywhere near as good a job, and also a 90mm macro lens for my Nikon d40x which can be bloody tricky – very shallow depth of field. I could have bought the Fuji for cheaper than the macro lens I have, and the Fuji I feel does a far better job.

    Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to reply.

    And I nearly forgot, I had a good friend who worked for Longyear out of Whitehorse. I had heard some good stories from a few other Canadian drillers about the place. They were all good people.

    Have a good one – I’ll peruse more of your site in the coming days.

  4. Dear mr Rooney;

    I saw some pictures from the mountains in irian djaya
    did you pass the crash site of a dutch C47 the X11
    If so I like to ask some details becouse my father was acrew member
    of the plane.
    With best regards

    H.E. Rudolph.