A Rough Night at Sea

Last night was the roughest ride we’ve ever had at sea. I really love storms at sea – I find the whole experience to be very invigorating – but I know that many people are much less enthusiastic about it!

Yesterday morning at 06:05 from the aft of Deck 10 – another beautiful start to what appeared to be a calm day at sea.

Sea days are a time to experience the ship. We started off with another of Brent Nixon’s energetic presentations, this one on Alaska’s Coastal Bald Eagles.

Next was a very interesting presentation by David Lynch on the effect of asteroids strikes on the earth – and how we might now be able to deflect them.

I finished off the educational part of my day at 4:00pm with a 1-hour workshop on using Powerpoint – while I can create a basic presentation, I want to be able to “jazz it up” a bit, and the workshop was excellent.

At around 5:00pm the sea quite suddenly started to get very rough. This photo was shot from our cabin at 6:55pm.

We got hammered by the seas all night – the evening theatre performance was even cancelled due to the possibility of the dancers being injured. At 03:45 I woke up and just had to go up and see the waves. I thought that the Constellation Lounge would be great but it was too bright inside and too dark outside.

The swimming pool was again fun to watch as it did a very thorough self-cleaning! This was shot at 05:26.

Deck 4 was definitely the wave-watching location winner.


A Rough Night at Sea — 3 Comments

  1. I am just catching up on your blog. Looks like a great trip, you are taking me to places that I may never get to go to or see. THANKS

    • Hmmm – given the seas we had, are those good memories or not so good, Brian?