A Roadside Treat in Whitehorse – Barkers Crepe and Creamery

[ Note: Barkers Crepe and Creamery is no longer in business - this post is being kept for general interest ]

As in most communities, restaurants/cafes come and go frequently in Whitehorse. In many cases it really is sad to see, as we’ve lost some very good places to eat in recent years. One of the types of eateries that’s gaining in popularity, though, is the roadside wagon – we’ve been treated to some excellent ones. Cathy and I are fans of the concept and have been to most of them. Our most recent discovery is Barkers Crepe and Creamery, run by Jen Mildner and Vance Kiess. They can most often be found in the former Motorways property on 2nd Avenue but they also go to many special events, from the Atlin Music Festival to the weekly market at Shipyards Park.

Barkers Crepe and Creamery - Whitehorse, Yukon

As the name says, crepes and ice cream are what they offer. The crepes are absolutely wonderful. Check out Cathy’s strawberry crepe with chocolate syrup and real whipped cream – yuuum! :) I had a Doug Fir, which is loaded with cheese, mushrooms, onions and tomato.

Barkers Crepe and Creamery - Whitehorse, Yukon

This is Jen and Vance.

Barkers Crepe and Creamery - Whitehorse, Yukon

You can keep track of the special events they’ll be at on their Facebook page. Summer’s rapidly leaving us and then so will all the food wagons, so get out and enjoy these seasonal treats!

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  1. Nice blog Murray. Enjoyed the CANOL road trip. Paddled the Nisutlin in September a number of years ago, great trip, low water, lots to see and no bugs.

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