A Mid-Winter Commute in the Yukon

On the way into the office this morning it struck me how different my commute is than that of most people. More than half of my 15-minute commute from Mary Lake to downtown Whitehorse is on the Alaska Highway – here’s what it looked like, 2 days after the shortest day of the year.

This was shot at 9:45 – at the bottom of the dip is Wolf Creek, a small salmon-spawning creek that runs around the back side of our subdivision.

A minute further along, at the Meadow Lakes Golf Course (on the right).

Another minute takes me to the Macrae Industrial area (site of a huge camp during construction of the highway during World War II).

At 9:52 I passed the truck scales. I was actually taking the long way around as I had to stop and pick up a few groceries and some wine. As you can see, though, the commute isn’t too stressful 🙂

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