A Look at Koblenz and Marksburg Castle

We docked at Koblenz very early Thursday morning, and spent the day exploring the city as well as nearby Marksburg Castle and the massive Ehrenbreitstein Fortress that looms over the city. This was the view from our stateroom at 7:20am as we were about to go for breakfast.

Dawn at Koblenz
This is what needs to be in one’s pockets to leave on a tour – Quietvox so you can hear the guide, room key-card, boarding pass and tour number card.

Tour stuff
We began a walking tour of Koblenz at 9:00am. One of the oldest buildings in the city has this wonderful painting on a flat wall that joins it to a new addition.

The head below this clock has eyes that move back and forth, and once each hour, it sticks its tongue out 🙂 Edit: See the action at Youtube.

Clock in Koblenz
Some of the wonderful architectural details to be seen.

A service was being conducted in the Liebfrauenkirche so we didn’t go further in.

Liebfrauenkirche, Koblenz
Two signs that every visitor needs to be aware of – for an ATM (geldautomat) and washrooms (WC).

ATM (geldautomat) and washrooms (WC) signs
This Lotus 7 replica turned a few heads when it went by. The license plate starting with “KO” indicates that it’s a local car.

Lotus 7 replica
The former Jesuit school is now the town hall. The 24 upper windows are used as an Advent calendar at Christmas.

Now that’s a unique facade!

The very impressive statue at Deutsches Eck.

Deutsches Eck, Koblenz
I have no idea what sort of plane this is that did a low fly-over while I was at Deutsches Eck – more Googling for when I get home. Edit: The plane is an Airbus A400M or “Grizzly” as it was nicknamed by a British test pilot (thanks, Marky 🙂 ).

An accordion busker at Deutsches Eck.

Accordion busker at Deutsches Eck
A wonderful fountain by artist Jürgen Weber in Görresplatz details many events from the history of Koblenz, even unpleasant ones such as slave trading.

The old “spitting boy” fountain (Das Schängelchen) takes some patience to capture at the right moment 🙂

Spitting boy fountain
After lunch, we boarded 3 motorcoaches for the short drive to Marksburg Castle. This was shot from the bus window en route.

Our guide at the castle was, once again, very good. Most people seemed to miss the humour in her comment that we should get the good view photo of the huge entry key before she put it in her back pocket.

The entry key for Marksburg Castle
The entry ramp to the castle. It was originally built with doors large enough that a mounted knight could ride in.

Marksburg Castle
Now that’s a “commanding” view!

The interpretation at the castle is the best we’ve seen so far – many aspects of the lives of both the common and wealthy are to be seen. It was so dark in this room that you could hardly see, but a long (½-second) exposure brings out the details.

Torture rooms are always a hit. This was a really poor time in man’s history to be even a little bit bad!!

After our tour of Marksburg Castle, we boarded the motorcoaches for the transfer to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. It’s a rather sterile site, though the size is certainly impressive.

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

And the fortress certainly offers a postcard view of Koblenz. The Rhine River is right below, while the Mosel is flowing from the upper part of the photo. Deutsches Eck is the triangle where the rivers meet.

Riverboats stacked up three deep along the Mosel. The River Queen is at the front inside position.

To get back to the ship, we boarded this aerial tramway, the Rheinseilbahn, which was built in 2010 especially for the huge Bundesgartenshau (BUGA) flower show last year. We were told that it was supposed to have been taken down after, but I rather think that it’s there to stay, as it’s very popular.

Back on board, we sailed for Cologne.


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  1. Hi…….very wonderful pics of your trip. Thank you for taking me along. Seems like you are enjoying this opportunity and I am very lucky to be able to tag along with you.
    Just showed Sue and Jan how to get on your sight and so he set you up on my desktop
    for easier accessability.
    My computer is shut down as of tomorrow,so will hopefully pick you up again in FL
    Aunt Marilyn

  2. What fantastic pictures Murray!! Its like going back in time, I’m really enjoying the view Thank-you. The plane is a Airbus A400M or ” Grizzly” as it was nicknamed by a British test pilot. Sure hope you two keep going on trips like this so we can enjoy the photos.