A Long Easter Weekend at Haines, Alaska – Part 2 of 2

Our first RV trip of the season was off to a wonderful start. We knew that rain – possibly even on all 5 days – could happen in Haines, but Mother Nature was showing us her best.

On Easter Sunday I was up and out early to catch what I hoped would be a spectacular sunrise. The first photo of Haines was shot a couple of minutes after 06:00.

Haines in pre-dawn light at Easter
I drove out towards the ferry terminal and the Chilkoot River, but that was clearly not the direction I wanted, so headed back towards town, shooting this on the way.

Dawn along the Haines Highway at Easter
I decided that my first shooting location was the place to be, and I took many shots there as the sun rose – this one at 06:37.

Sunrise at Haines, Alaska, at Easter
Cathy and I took the dogs for another long walk on the beach below Fort Wm. H. Seward, and as noon approached, just set up to enjoy the warm sun in front of the motorhome again.

Relaxing in the sun at Haines, Alaska, at Easter
Home Sweet Home for a few days 🙂

Class A motorhomes at the Oceanside RV Park in Haines, Alaska
While we made lunch, Bella tried to stay awake so she didn’t miss anything, but was having a hard time keeping her eyes open!

Sleepy puppy
Going back to the picnic table overlooking the harbor, we disturbed a large flock of surf scoters (Melanita perspicillata) that had been sailing back and forth past us for the past couple of hours. They returned within a few minutes to what is apparently a good feeding area.

Surf scoters (Melanita perspicillata) at Haines, Alaska
For a couple of years I’d been talking online to a fellow from Haines about going hiking, and we finally met in person. It was a perfect day to head down the Seduction Point Trail at Chilkat State Park, and by 2:30 Greg, Bella and I were walking through the beautiful forest (I knew that it was a somewhat rough trail and would tax Monty, so he stayed with Cathy). It’s a fairly wet trail for the 40 minutes from the parking lot to the beach, but there are hundreds of feet of boardwalk.

On the Seduction Point Trail at Haines, Alaska
Stairs have also been built on several short steep sections. I had Bella on an extenda-leash through the forest – these sights and smells were all new to her, and she was too wired to be loose.

On the Seduction Point Trail at Haines, Alaska
This spectacular point, comprised mostly of vertical slate, was as far as we planned to go, although the entire trail is 7 miles long and takes 9-10 hours return to hike. On the beach, Bella could play and explore freely.

On the Seduction Point Trail at Haines, Alaska
A bit of post-processing to this photo brought out the contrast needed to show how wonderful this spot is. Greg even brought a couple of cold beer to celebrate our first hike! 🙂

On the Seduction Point Trail at Haines, Alaska
The Davidson Glacier, accessible only by boat, is very visible from much of the trail.

The Davidson Glacier from the Seduction Point Trail at Haines, Alaska
There are some interesting small dykes of other rock among the slate on the point.

On the Seduction Point Trail at Haines, Alaska
At 3:45 we rather reluctantly started back up the trail, and I was back at the motorhome at 5:00. What a superb start to what I hope is going to be another very active hiking season for me.

On the Seduction Point Trail at Haines, Alaska
On Sunday evening and Monday morning we did lots more relaxing, and took a few more walks with the dogs. Just before noon on Monday, it was time to head home. Crossing the border back into Canada only took a couple of minutes, and by 1:40 we were back in the snow, a few miles from the summit of the Haines Highway. The first 2 photos are looking south, back towards Haines.

Near the summit of the Haines Highway at Easter

Near the summit of the Haines Highway in early April
The rig below the mountain known as The Three Guardsmen.

A motorhome near the summit of the Haines Highway at Easter
Looking back at The Three Guardsmen from near the summit.

Near the summit of the Haines Highway at Easter

With another stop at Otter Falls Cutoff for dinner, we were home at about 6:00, well satisfied that we have an awesome summer ahead.


A Long Easter Weekend at Haines, Alaska – Part 2 of 2 — 7 Comments

  1. This is exactly what you got the RV for…rather than hauling the tracker…perhaps the bike one time?

    Each time you post, the contrasts between summit weather and conditions and what is either at your house or down in Haines never fail to interest (and occasionally astound me) me…

  2. Great that you still get the KICK out of the ‘vertical seasons’ when its readily out your back door! We winter camped recently in the Adirondacks of NYS, it was -21F one night while at home 275 miles south it was 27F as the low…thankfully we were prepared. I like those lifts, either would fit my KLR just fine!

  3. I love your blog. I think I could spend hours looking. Thank you. And just a question. Have you been to Emerald Lake recently? We’ll be in Skagway on a cruise on May 11 and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to go all the way out there…maybe not if the lake is still completely frozen! Thank you.

    • Thanks, Teresa 🙂 You may have seen my page at http://explorenorth.com/wordpress/when-does-the-ice-leave-emerald-lake/ that shows that whether the lake will be ice-free on May 11 very much depends on the year. My impression is that we’re ahead this year, so it should be. I’m actually going by it this afternoon on my motorcycle, but it’s a safe bet that it will still be completely frozen now.

      The drive is very much worth doing even without Emerald Lake, though.

      • Thanks! I did see the page you linked, which is a bit of why I asked. I hope you’re right. We’re taking a bus tour out to the pass (so we can stop along the way in both directions) and I was trying to decide if I should focus most of our time on the drive, or spend some extra time in town, since the pass will be frozen. Looking at your pictures, maybe the frozen lakes and such will make the views even better! But I hope a little that we’ll see a peek of the water in Emerald Lake…and maybe some black bears eating dandelions a little closer to town. ;-). Looking forward to maybe seeing some pics from your motorcycle ride today! Take Care