A GMO-Free Yukon?

Hi everyone,

A committed group of concerned Yukoners has gotten together, built a website, launched a Facebook page, and started a petition to keep the Yukon GMO-Free. We know genetically modified organisms are already in a lot of the food you buy at the supermarkets that come up from outside the territory, but as yet we in the Yukon do not have any crops or animals being grown or raised here that are genetically modified, and we would like to see that status maintained.

Towards this end we started an online petition on January 31, 2012 on our brand new website, gmofreeyukon.com (fully sponsored by ExploreNorth), which we would like to present to the Yukon government for the fall sitting of the Legislature, asking for a ban on the importation of genetically modified seeds for the purposes of raising crops, and a ban on the importation of genetically modified animals.

If you don’t know much about this topic and would like to know more, I encourage you to go online to the website and go to the Links or News pages, where you will find a lot of recent articles and information about what is happening around the world today, and also what is happening in Canada regarding this very important threat to the health of our planet and ourselves.

If you feel strongly that genetically modified organisms or technology has no place in your Yukon, please sign the petition and pass the information on to family, friends, and coworkers.

Together we have a voice that can be heard, and we can keep the Yukon free of GMOs.

With best regards,

Barbara Drury

member of Yukoners for GMO-Free Yukon


A GMO-Free Yukon? — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve always had mixed emotions on this subject. As the population of the world grows we may have no choice but to us GMOs. Otherwise we won’t be able to produce enough food. I’ve read articles supporting both sides of the argument and both sides have some good points. Now you know why I have mixed emotions. :)

  2. Excellent! I am in WI and a proud member of the Organic Consumers Association. I’m going to check out your website now. Best of luck, never give up. No white flags.