A Fall Day in Carmacks, Yukon

Last Friday I took advantage of a mostly-sunny day to ride the motorcycle down to Carmacks, on the Yukon River and the North Klondike Highway between Whitehorse and Dawson City.

This hasn’t been a great year for Fall colours, but it’s not too bad, and I’ve gotten a few photos. I found this little canyon in the Fox Lake forest fire burn area, just past the end of a short side road at Km 256 (the mileposts measure from Skagway, Alaska – this is about 75 km north of Whitehorse).

North Klondike Highway, Yukon

Just past a very large elk warning sign, there were the promised elk on the highway! One youngster was trying to convince his mother that they should stop for a snack before getting further from the highway.

Elk on the North Klondike Highway at Braeburn, Yukon

I always stop at the Montague Roadhouse, one of the very few of these structures left.

Montague Roadhouse, North Klondike Highway, Yukon

A pond with a few ducks on it, at Km 336.

A pond along the North Klondike Highway, Yukon

Welcome to Carmacks, Yukon.

Welcome to Carmacks, Yukon

A look at Carmacks over a century ago.

Historic photo of Carmacks Yukon

The Carmacks Roadhouse. There’s a historic buildings walking tour brochure online that talks about the roadhouse and the many other heritage buildings in Carmacks.

Carmacks Roadhouse, Carmacks, Yukon

The outhouse at the Carmacks Roadhouse.

Outhouse at the Carmacks Roadhouse, Carmacks, Yukon

Across the street from the roadhouse is this stable from the days when the White Pass & Yukon Route ran sleighs, wagons and stages from Whitehorse to Dawson City. Although this front wall looks great, much of the building’s roof has collapsed.

WP&YR stable - Carmacks, Yukon

The historic Hazel Brown cabin is across the Nordenskiold River from the roadhouse.

The historic Hazel Brown cabin - Carmacks, Yukon

Looking across the Nordenskiold River towards Carmacks. The Hazel Brown cabin is at the bottom left of this photo, the roadhouse at centre right.

Carmacks Yukon

The oldest section of the Nordenskiold Cemetery, located on a bench above the Nordenskiold River and the Carmacks Roadhouse.

Carmacks Yukon

There’s a 1.5 kilometer long boardwalk along the Yukon River that offers a wonderful walk.

Carmacks, Yukon

Looking down the Yukon River, with Tantalus Butte in the background.

Carmacks, Yukon

Looking down the North Klondike Highway and the twisting Yukon River towards Carmacks. This was shot from the road that leads to the historic coal mines on Tantalus Butte.

Carmacks Yukon

The Tantalus Coal Mine – that link takes you to a brief history of the mine that I wrote in 2003.

Carmacks Yukon
Carmacks, Yukon

The view of the Campbell Highway going up alongside the Yukon River, from a lower part of the mine workings.

Carmacks Yukon

Another view down the Yukon River from one of the trails leading to higher-elevation workings at the mine.

Carmacks Yukon

On the way home, looking south down the highway from the summit at Km 270, just north of the Fox Lakes.

Carmacks Yukon

As I post this, Cathy and I are less than 24 hours away from boarding the first of 3 flights that will take us to her family in London, Ontario, which is the next place I’ll talk to you from 🙂


A Fall Day in Carmacks, Yukon — 3 Comments

  1. You will be in ON. in time for our fall colours, right now they are at the peak in Haliburton area.
    Have a great visit.

  2. Fall is so nice in the Yukon too bad it turns into winter. Will you have time for a coffee in london if i come over ? Bruce